Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Degrees of Separation?

As I jump into the world of blogging, I have been amazed at the connections I am able to make -- all across the world -- right from my home office.

This past week I had an interesting thing happen. My real world and my virtual world intersected.

As I was checking comments on my previous blog posts, I came across one from some time in late January. I linked to her profile and commented on her blog. I noticed that just above my comment was one from my cousin who lives in Oregon.

My first thought was that my cousin had talked to her friend about the tarot reading I did for her over the summer...and her friend logged onto my blog for more information.

Come to find out, my cousin had no idea that her friend had even found me or my blog. The friend had simply typed in the words, "Christianity and Tarot" and found my blog.

My cousin had her computer set so she'd be notified of any additional comments...which included the one from me. When she saw my comment, she was stunned because she had not talked to her friend about me and wondered how we had connected.

My cousin then emailed to let me know about the coincidence. Or was it? It really is a small world, isn't it?

This again confirms the fact that we really are all connected. The Internet just makes it THAT much more apparent!

I'm convinced that as we evolve, there are less than six degress of separation. What are your thoughts? Do you have any cool examples of how connected we really are?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

This is one of the things that excites me about blogging.

It's an introvert's way to connect painlessly!

Terra said...

We had a similar thing happen here in Colorado but through Craigs list, and because of a friend (A) selling a snowsuit to a total stranger that knew a friend (B) of mine and I happened to copy the two friends on an email that friend B forwarded to her friend (C) who had just bought the snowsuit from my friend (a) we all now know each other and I just desinged a blog for my new friend C - did that make any sense? Anyway like Lori...that is what I love about the internet. I am still waiting to "bump" into my long lost friend from gradeschool though...

Came over from Weebles! Glad I found you.