Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Inspiration -- The Star

Yesterday I read cards for an old friend. It was good to re-connect with her and the reading felt "right on," as though the cards were selected specifically for her and her situation.

After she left, I got a strong sense to pull one additional card for I did - the Star card. I emailed her to tell her about the card and its message. She responded back with gratitude and said it will be helpful for her as she moves forward in her life.

I got an intuitive hit this morning to post it on the Wild Women blog because other readers would find value in its message. Here is the message I received with The Star card. I have a feeling it will land with you as well.

There is an energy around you that is finding faith in understanding, accepting and walking your path. You may feel timid at first, but as you begin to take steps forward, your momentum will increase. Each step will get easier and will take you noticeably closer to your goal. So even if you are not completely sure what your next step is, know that if you tune into your heart and have faith, you will clearly know which step to take and which energy to apply to the situation at hand.

The Star card indicates a special talent that you possess and harmony (coming your way). Wouldn’t it be great to feel the harmony not only in your world, but in your heart as well? This is a time of creativity, charisma, beauty and grace. Tap into your gifts to bring what you truly want into fruition. You have the power to manifest whatever you want…if you open your heart and allow it to come in.
I'm curious as to what your reaction is to The Star energy and what message it has for you.


Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

For me, first of all, Thank you sincerely for sharing this, I appreciate it.

The message of "Joy Delights in Joy" and of celebration is brought to me with the Star Card.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I just like the sound of the word "harmony." This post brings it into my consciousness and now I will dwell on it / in it over the next few days.

Terra said...

oh, if only. My talent and me in harmony what a treat that would be.

Bonnie said...

I will be "tuning into my heart" this week. Seems my head keeps getting in the way. Harmony would be wonderful!

Sheri said...

It seems that we all have a need for balance and harmony -- and we are acutely aware when we don't feel it.

What is it that YOU truly need? I bet it's not something that you can buy, it's a thought, a feeling, an attitude or some kind of connection to yourself, to earth and to all that is.

Harmony is yours if you simply ask. Take a moment now to ask.

Sheri said...

Terra --

I asked the universe and felt inclined to pull a card for you and got Temperence reversed, which (amazingly enough) can indicate something being out of balance.

Is there something that you are unwilling to compromise on? Does something feel out of control for you right now? If so, you may feel moody and want some kind of escape. It feels as though you have a need to treat yourself – but it’s not about eating or drinking or even shopping. You are wanting something to soothe you deep in your soul. What is it? Something is there and wants to come out.

You may already know or may need to do some soul searching. But once you know, THIS is where to treat yourself and take some extra care to listen to your needs. As you do, your world will begin to come back into balance.