Friday, May 29, 2009

"A-Ha Moments"

In the course of a typical tarot reading, clients have "A-ha" moments where their faces lights up with the realization that we hit it right on the head. Their expression is like the TV detective's face when he's found the last clue and is ready to solve the mystery. "I get it!"

It is a feeling of though something that has been puzzling you now makes perfect sense.

"A-ha" moments also happen in my Intuition Through Tarot classes when students have learned the technical information about the cards -- the suits, numerology, Major Arcana, etc. -- and yet they step beyond their book knowledge and tune in to their intuitive voices. That's when great readings begin to happen!

Today I read a great quote, "Read your cards and trust yourself." It reminded me that the tarot cards are a great tool to tap in and discover intuitive messages. The symbolism of the pictures, the sound of the shuffling deck, the meanings that have been passed down through the ages, all become catalysts to what's really important and that is to TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

About 95% of all tarot card readings end with the client saying, "I knew it..." and if I could finish their sentence, it would be, "but I didn't trust my intuition."

If I had the opportunity to teach a student just one thing, it would be to tune in and listen to the voice in your soul that guides you forward and gives you all of the answers you need...any time you take the time to ask, listen AND trust.

Take a moment to tune in and listen. What's there for you right now?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

That things with a person I love will be all right eventually, with a bumpy road that is there for this person's learning enjoyment.

And mine.


Bonnie said...

That everything's going to be fine and even better if I keep tuning in!