Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- The Chariot

Every Tuesday, I'll select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you? Please add comments to enhance the messages for other people in the Wild Women Community and to share how this applies to you.

Each week, I'll choose one reader's comment and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back to see what cards come up.

The meaning of the Chariot card was best explained to me like this: Imagine that you are driving a chariot being pulled by two powerful horses. You have one of the lead ropes in each hand and each rope symbolizes a powerful force in your life. Feel the energy and power in each of your hands. The more you pull one way, the more you go that direction...and vice versa.

When this card comes up, you may feel you are in the process of balancing opposing forces. What are these forces in your life? At times it may feel as though you are being pulled in two different directions -- a human tug-of-war.

Remember, to drive the Chariot in the right direction, you must balance the energy and steer a middle course. This is your task at hand (pun intended).

Instead of getting focused on either of the reins, keep your sights set on the goal. Let your body respond to the force of the ropes as your mind engages on where you are going. If you put too much emphasis on either rope, you may steer off course.

Harness the power, stay on course and move forward with determination and a clear sense of purpose. Instead of being frustrated or exhausted by the powerful forces in your life, take advantage of the energy that is pulling you forward.


Anonymous said...

Good card for the week. So true in my life. The balance of responsibilities at home with kids and work

Terra said...

balance is difficult. Moving forward instead of getting stuck in a rut is always a challenge for me.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I like the image of the middle ground, of balance and of keeping the mind on the goal.

I think, for me, the balance is of the Now and of the Future.

I feel like Ben Hur!

MentorTAZ said...

The Chariot has always represented "change" for me. A combination, or balance if you will, of activity and quietude. Nearly always this card is telling me of major changes are on the horizon. Change is for the purpose of reminding us who we really are. So the completion of my Masters leaves me with the need/desire to "change". Change jobs (get one..lol) and or change residence. This on the precipice of mercury retrograde...yikes I better steer mindfully!

Bonnie said...

For me I feel this card represents where I'm going. I'm sort of torn between going back to my roots and or creating a new vision for my life. Maybe I need to keep the reigns balanced and find the middle ground.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Thank you, I needed this. Whether steering a chariot or hitting a baseball, you always want to look where you are going.

Sheri said...

I got one more comment via email from P.A.: "I feel cerebral activity is what throws the reins of the chariot off balance. It's clearly an act of faith to look straight ahead and let the energies flow."

Thanks for all of your comments!

When reading MentorTAZ's comments, I got a hit to pull another card for her. I suspect it will have significant meaning for each of you.

I pulled the Lovers card, which is a perfect follow-up card for the Chariot. In fact, the Lovers comes just before the Chariot in the deck...which may signify that there is still a need to learn one more lesson before moving on.

Is that groaning I hear? :)

Here are some hints as you step into the Lovers energy...

This is a time to blend both your masculine and feminine energies in order to move forward in your life. Make sure to include both your physical and spiritual needs in the decision at hand.

When you get the Lovers card, you are (more than) ready to move forward and are tired of feeling this stuck for this long. There's a sense of, "I'm really much smarter than to let this happen!"

With the Lovers energy, move forward, if only a little bit towards the dream you think is too far out there. It's not beyond your reach and the universe is encouraging you to take just one small step forward. Once you do, this new energy will build and the next step will not seem so intimidating. Now is the time!

suzicremecheeze said...

oh how true! i have to remember not to try too hard in one direction or i will just get frustrated. i must stay balanced and look forward to the goal!!! i am so impatient sometimes! shame on me!!!!

Laura Rose said...

Perfect card for me as I was traveling all day from New York City back to my sleepy town in New Mexico - looking forward to returning to my life and also knowing I would miss my son.

It also refers to the balancing act I am juggling between working at a residential center for developmentally disabled folks and also tele-teaching a class with people in Grand Rapids, Michigan on "Staying Grounded and Centered om the Midst of Chaos." You can see how this card is right on!

Unknown said...

My Chariot is pulling me as I am buying my first house, balancing work, home life, and family ties. What an interesting time in my life. I am at a cross roads in my career and need to make a decision to take my Chariot left or right.

Laura Rose said...

I have to laugh now at the OM instead of in - in my previous comment! Probably perfect!

MentorTAZ said...

Thank you for the extra card "the lovers" I didn't read it until today as I have been in bed with a sore throat. Nothing signifcant about that ...right!? I kind of feel like Oprah when she said in reference to her relapse into to gaining back the extra weight "I can't be leave we are still TALKING about this now!" She was clearly aggetated just as I am still talking (or not-note sore throat) about balancing my female/male energies. It seems to STAY on my radar without actually getting balanced? ARG...

MentorTAZ said...

I really do know how to spell believe. Be leave it or not! LOL

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