Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- King of Swords

Every Tuesday, I'll select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you? Please add comments to enhance the messages for other people in the Wild Women Community and to share how this applies to you.

Each week, I'll choose one reader's comment and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back to see what cards come up.

The King of Swords can indicate a strong, intelligent man in your life who puts his head over his heart. For this person, thinking is much more comfortable than feeling, and words are safer than emotions. This is a man who loves knowledge and order. He organizes his world through planning and takes a logical approach to things.

If it symbolizes a person it could be a boss, a person in the court system, military people, and possibly a doctor, politician or government official. These people are more successful if they think their way through their work rather than letting messy emotions cloud things.

If the King of Swords does not refer to a person, it can be expressed in situations surrounding business or legal affairs. Is there a decision you have been hesitant to make because you are thinking too much? Possibly it's a situation where you can't find a way to justify your actions or make sense of your potential decision.

Sometimes the "best" answer may not be able to be described or defended by logic. It is something you just "know."

Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to balance both your logic and your intuition to help you make your decision. Think about what you want and all of the logical reasons behind it and then tune into your emotions (which would be symbolized as Cups). What rings true for you? As you look at each logical option, what feels right?

The balance of both your logic and your emotions will give you the peace of believing with your head and knowing with your heart.


MentorTAZ said...

King of Swords thank you very much. I had a hearing with the unemployment office today that was ruled by the King of Swords. No emotion just the facts thank you very much! Though it was an advesarial environment this was civil. I let go of the outcome before I entered the room and recited "I am guarded, guided and protected" as I drove the 30 minutes to the hearing. So right on The King of Swords at his best!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I think there is a person in my life who has gotten very much into his head and his body and away from his heart and intuition.

Good reading, as always!

Unknown said...

I have a person that I know just like that-Interestin.Thank you.

chicklet said...

My husband could be this King of Swords at work for sure, but not at home. At home he's really well balanced so I'm lucky with the heart stuff:-)

suzicremecheeze said...

I am not quite certain of how this applies to me this week. I have no court cases coming up that I am aware of :-) The only thing I can think of that it might apply to is my upcoming long drive to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit my family... It took me a while to actually make the final decision to drive because I always have hesitations when I drive that far by myself... But I have decided to drive and hope that all will go well!! Balancing my logic with my emotions perhaps???

Sheri said...

We each contain a blend of the four suits of the tarot (Swords, Pentacles, Cups and Wands)-- in different degrees at different times.

The King of Swords tends to put more emphasis on thoughts rather than emotions.

As Chicklet said, her husband is a King of Swords at work, but not at home. People can draw on qualities that suit the environment they are in at the time. So for him, his work requires the Swords energy and home brings out other qualities perhaps Wands (energy and action), Cups (emotion and nurturing) or Pentacles (business, finances and materials).

Lori -- Your comment popped out at me...so I pulled another card for you, the Strength card.

In relation to the person you referred to in your comment, there seems to be a pre-occupation with body image. It feels like a quest for perfection or challenge. There is a feeling of extremes and a need for balance.

Here are a couple of questions to ask: What needs are not being met in his life (perhaps emotionally?) that has resulted in him focusing on more material things? Is there something he feels he needs to prove? Where does he a feel lack of control and is using this as a way to feel in control? How can YOU break through and nurture him to help him feel seen?

The Strength card also taps into YOUR energy. This card could indicate you drawing on your own strength in relation to him and possibly to something in your career.

The Strength card can also relate to self-improvement. It feels like you are focusing on one particular area of your life -- and this card indicates your hard efforts are paying off -- slowly but surely. If you begin to feel overwhelmed through any of this, call on the strength of this card to guide you forward.

I'm curious how this relates to you and to other readers...

Lori Lavender Luz said...


Hits very close to home.

I may talk with you offline about this more.

Laura Rose said...

It is now Friday and it took me a few days to absorb and identify the external person this card represents. Found him! My new employer!

I relate this card to my internal King of Swords, who has been active as I have made logical decisions about my work life this week.

Now that I will have more free time and plan on using it for writing, fiction and non-fiction - probably as a Guest Blogger for a couple of friends and associates, I am checking through all of the possible topics. Another King of Swords process.