Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday - Temperance (reversed)

Every Tuesday, I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each week, I choose one reader's comment and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back to see what cards come up.

Temperance is a card of moderation and patience. When in its reversed position (upside-down), this may indicate that a normally balanced person may be facing some chaotic circumstances and may feel a bit thrown off by it.

If you feel this way, take a few minutes to step out of the chaos to balance and center yourself. This can be as simple as taking your shoes off, standing on the ground (outside is best, if possible), closing your eyes and taking ten deep breaths.

Temperance reversed may also mean that guidance is there for you, but you are not listening or need to be more open to receiving it.

Have you had a nagging feeling about something but have been ignoring it? If so, now is the time to deal with it. I know that sounds much easier said than done, but know that even a small step forward will help relieve the pressure you have been feeling. Know that the answers are there for you if you stop, listen and trust.


excavator said...

What a peculiar irony. I wrote a comment and listed/named the elements of my own personal chaos--went to post and got an error message!

It did help to list them tho; it always does.

Laura Rose said...

I do consider myself a balanced person - although having more red wires than blue wires, I have chosen to be a meditator and use energy tools of grounding, centering, etc.- to keep my internal balance.

There is much external chaos in my life at the moment and so the Temperance Card Reversed comes as no surprise! This seems to be the current condition for many people.

I also am aware of my tendency toward doing things myself instead of tuning into my spiritual connection and intuition. So this is a great reminder! Thanks again, Sheri!

Bonnie said...

I'm usually pretty good at following my intuition but lately I feel a little off balance. I feel vulnerable and a little out of control. I'm having trouble hearing my inner voice. Maybe that's how this applies to me.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Oh, darn. I wish we'd gotten to see Excavator's first attempt.

I had a hard-working day in the garden with my feet on the ground. It was even somewhat meditative.

And now, I'll be up until 1 am wading through my inbox ;-)

MentorTAZ said...

I was generally irritable all day and restless. Maybe because my 55th birthday is tomorrow. I just finished hitting the "send" button to complete the first step of putting myself out there! It's at once exciting and a bit fearful... can you hear the nervous laugh?

Kim said...

This card was perfect for me at this time - and it shed some light. I've just come from a time of "busyness" and now in a time of lull. Even though this has been a pattern, I keep thinking I need to be getting more accomplished in this lull time. I try to lean into it and when I've done a day with not much accomplished, I don't feel fulfilled. I think it is a great time to write - yet inspiration doesn't come. When I do connect and ask about these times, I'm reminded I need them for my balance. I'd also been meaning to do a Detox for months now, and am now on day 4 of the 12 day Wild Rose Detox. Timing was good for that.
Happy Birthday Mentor Taz!

Thank you for this Sheri!

Sheri said...

I pulled the additional card for Excavator, but others will probably relate as well (see individual notes below).

Excavator, I wonder if this card relates to the list you had created about the chaos in your life...

I selected the Death card -- First of all, the Death card is not a scary card. Philosophically it symbolizes the ending of a natural cycle in your life. In other words, if you looked at your life like a book, the Death card would be the closing paragraphs before starting the next chapter.

What chapter(s) are you currently ending right now? Remember that when you end one chapter, the next one normally brings more clarity to the situation, possibly introduces new characters and continues the story line to keep the reader interested. Keep a steady course as you turn the page and continue reading.

My sense is that there are several "endings" going on here. There are some endings that others can plainly see and some that only you have recently uncovered or are in the process of discovering.

Use this as a time of transformation. Shed things that aren't working any longer (in whatever time frame feels comfortable). This isn't THE end. There is still another chapter to be written...and another and another...

Laura -- You also have some endings approaching in your life. Are you excited about some and dreading others? Your energy tools are perfect for the changes that lie ahead.

Bonnie -- did you try to ground your energy? My sense is that you may be opening to your intuitive voice more than you think and it may be a bit intimidating for you. Tune in, listen and know.

Lavender Luz – Even though it was hard work, I bet you LOVED working in the garden – not only for the grounding of it, but also for the satisfaction of progress.

The garden is a great metaphor for the Death card (preparing the soil, planting, growing, blooming, withering, dying, returning to the soil, and starting the process all over again).

MentorTAZ – Happy birthday! You mentioned putting yourself "out there" and nervous laughter. My sense is that you’ve been wanting to be out there and this is very exciting for you. Don’t take a delay in response as a rejection. Remember, the Death card suggests an ending to one phase and the beginning of another (being out there). There truly is perfect order and perfect timing.

Kim – Sometimes the most important things happen when you are NOT DOING or being outwardly productive. I need to re-read this myself because I tend to DO and check things off my list a lot. This too is symbolic of the Death card. It is a time of germination and growth going on beneath the surface. It may look like nothing is going on (a death of sorts), but it is truly the beginning of a new cycle.

See you all next week for Intuitive Tuesday!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I so enjoy reading the deeper meaning from the cards as applied to our situations. They all seem right on.

excavator said...

Thank you, Sheri

I think 'transition' is the watch-word. I realize that's the theme underlying most of my disquiet: ground broken for new garage, husband's job loss just as we're about to break ground, kids' first week home from school for summer break (plus husband around all the time), planning divorce but-don't-know-how, boys' birthdays upon us, and a seminar this weekend. Uncertain attunement to Inner Voice--do I have it or do I not? Can I always have it, in any situation, however unexpected? (Questions I ask myself, particularly when I'm not feeling especially 'attuned', which was another element of personal chaos)

So, Temperance, reversed (and when I see that subject line in my inbox my first hit is advice to be IN-temperate!) is appropriate. And definitely so is death.

And sometimes I feel like I'm on the last page of a chapter I'm a bit weary of, and it's taking forever to finish.

Thanks again, Sheri--hope I haven't violated any blog etiquette with such a long post!

Bonnie said...


I think you may be exactly right. As you know in the past I "stuffed" down feeling a lot. I've been letting feelings come to the surface and trying to just observe them for what they are. It IS scary, that may be why I'm feeling vulnerable and a little out of control. I will try the grounding exercise. Thank you as always, I always take something helpful from "intuitive Tuesday"!

Laura Rose said...

Changes in the air is perfect for the Solstice Celebration this weekend.

Must be time to Journal and keep track of our lives. Thanks again, Sheri!

excavator said...

Laura Rose's comment above was a reminder of yet another transition--hiding in plain sight--the solstice!

It figures.

Thanks, Laura Rose!