Friday, August 28, 2009

Divine Timing

I admit it. I can be a control freak! I like to plan and organize things so they are easy and smooth. For some reason, I think MY way is THE way to live my life and can get frustrated when my plan gets interrupted.

Having kids helped me to release some of my need to think I control things. When the boys were younger, I would create my plan, only to realize that I couldn't leave the house on time because one of the kids had spilled something down the front of his outfit, or one had "a diaper blow-out" or I couldn't find a favorite toy, forgot the diaper bag, etc.

As they have gotten older, the delays and interruptions have changed. Preteens don't have diaper blow-outs, but they can forget to tell me about a mandatory practice (which wasn't on my schedule), they can lose their cell-phones, forget their homework, or need a permission slip signed TODAY, etc.

My continual lesson is to be aware of Divine Order in my life. RELAX! It is ALL in order...even when it doesn't go according to MY plan. All of the delays and interruptions (no matter how frustrating) are part of the divine plan.

My quest is to become consciously aware of the ever-unfolding divine plan and allow my life to flow, which means not trying to control it all and not getting stressed out when interruptions happen.

This quote from, hit home for me:
We often get so caught up in trying to direct and control every aspect of our lives that we become frustrated when people don’t cooperate with our desires or events don’t turn out as we had planned. Our willingness to step back and release the need to be in control allows the universe to orchestrate events in our favor. We then feel relaxed because we aren’t trying to force events to conform to our expectations, and we develop a stronger sense of optimism that everything will work out in exactly the right way at exactly the right time. Your feelings of frustration will melt away today if you release your expectations and allow the universe to work on your behalf.

I especially like the reassurance in the last line that says, "Your feelings of frustration will melt away today if you release your expectations and allow the universe to work on your behalf."

I'm curious -- how do you melt your feelings of frustration and allow divine timing to work for you?


Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Great post and I have similar issues w/our two sons, 14 and 11 y/o. I think I have a couple mantras similar to this that help center my divine timing.
They are -
Control is an illusion.

Will this matter in 5 years?

Thank you, as always.
Thank goodness for no more diaper blowouts either!!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Sometimes I sit back and rationalize. Like, "Maybe if we'd gone with MY plan we would have been in an accident. This delay is protecting us."

But still, that's not living from my heart; it's living from my head.

I do try to be mindful about divine timing, but it's the times when I'm frustrated by deviations from MY plan that I am least mindful.

Good food for thought.

CSC said...

Kids have really taught me that I am not in control. It's been good for me because I'm like you. I like to plan things out and be organized. It's a great reminder to go with the flow. It may get us somewhere we never would have planned or expected!

CSC said...

I just thought of something else. My son is turning 9 and had a birthday party last night. He loves his birthday and looks forward to it all year. I was afraid any little thing might ruin it for him, because he plans it out so perfectly. I tried to explain to him that things usually don't go exactly as planned but he would probably have more fun if he just goes with the flow! Now if only I could follow my own advice..haha

Bonnie said...

It's me again. I didn't realize my son was signed in to his blog so my comments appear to be from him! Just wanted to let you know it's me!

Mad Hatter said...

Thank you so much for pulling a card for me...I think it's my favourite card, too - The Sun - I'm Leo and I love the idea of the vibrancy and energy and warmth this card speaks of. I also really appreciate your support as I go through such a challenging week - giving up this situation to the universe and hoping that I have been blessed with "divine timing" is really all I can do. Because I long for diaper blowouts! ;-)

MentorTAZ said...

Let go and Let God...? Who? Me? Me a control freak? Naaaahhhh Oh yeah that...guess you caught me thinking I am in control of ANYTHING. I think Mothers are notorious control freaks because we have to orchestrate all the comings and goings of the entire family. Divine timing is definitely the order of the day. Another word that comes to mind? Surrender.