Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday - The Magician

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is The Magician, which is the first Major Arcana card after The Fool card. As the Fool archetype, you set off on your journey, knowing that it's time to go, but not really sure where you are going or how you will get there.

The Magician emphasizes the need for you to see and recognize all of the tools and gifts YOU have to help you move forward.

As you can see from the card, as The Magician, you have the energy and magic of all four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles) and can use your wisdom to blend these ingredients to move forward on your path and manifest anything you desire.

You have the ability to achieve your goal and transform. The key is to realize you have everything you need and are motivated and determined to move forward. Feel this energy surge up through your being. Look around you and within you and be a witness to all of the power and energy you have at your disposal.

What expertise do you have that will help you to move forward? It may be something that you are really good at, but do not give yourself credit for. How can YOU be any better at this skill than others, when it is SO easy for you?

Because you are The Magician; you use your gifts wisely and actively, consciously take charge of your life, creating your own destiny.

The Magician is a very powerful card for you today. Pause right now and tune into your gifts. What are you naturally good at but perhaps overlook, not giving yourself enough credit?

Step into the energy of The Magician; use your resources, gifts and wisdom to create magic in your life.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

I have a really good memory. Which means I sometimes hold onto bad thoughts too long, but I also remember things that are important to other people.

Furrow said...

It's hard for me to focus on my talents right now because I'm so obsessed with one small goal which is largely beyond my control (you know what it is), and really, I'm so ready to move past it, but I want to succeed first. I just want to complete this phase of my life so I can actually start living a larger existence again. I feel like such a slug at work, but somehow I've tricked them into thinking I'm a star. There must be some sort of magic involved.

Jamie said...

When first reading about The Magician, I immediately thing about the upcoming birth of our first child. Of course we are worried about rising to the challenge of parenting but lately my husband and I are each struggling with letting 'me' go and accepting that it is about our family now.

Hubby & I are both very organized - this can only help when the kid gets here! Hmm . . . I'll definitely think on this. Maybe I have more skills/talents than I give myself credit for.

excavator said...

That's a great follow-on card to The Fool. It's nice to receive affirmation that I have the resources to move forward.

I suppose my gift comes in the form of intuitive leaps, and novel ways of synthesizing pieces of information into a unique Big Picture. And sometimes I can articulate the connections I see.

And I'm a workhorse of a writer.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Wow. I know each of these commenters, and think they are spot on with their special gifts.

Except Furrow, who really is a star.

My gift? I suppose it's an intention to live with an open heart.

I bet the more I live that intention, the more magic I can do.

Bonnie said...

The first thing I thought about was the fact that I'm thinking of going back into the work force after being at home for 9 yrs. I think I've been underestimating myself and having a lot of self doubt. I need to focus on my good qualities (gifts) and realize I could be an asset to an employer.

PamelaP said...

What a perfect card for where I am in life. In my meditations I've been shown a cocoon-a time of transformation. There is a feeling of a new life just around the corner, and this new life includes the gifts and passions I've been given. At this point I am looking inward to find out what resonates. This card is more enouragement to honor what brings me joy, peace and happiness-it is in those things that this new life will come from. Thank You!

Kim said...

I was just finishing writing up a blog post regarding Tarot Coaching (I also love sychronicity as Sheri had connected with me after I had already signed up with the Super EX to offer readings at the fair for the first time - I so love what she is doing here with the Tarot). I also spent a part of today researching more specialized coaching training. I'm already a fully certified and accredited coach through ICF - plus have a huge tool box of goodies from the extensive personal growth I've accomplished over the years - including NLP. It's a habit of mine to think I still need 'more' instead of making 'more' use of the 'magic' I already possess (anybody else here ever do that??). So for me, today, this card is reinforcing that I have an abundance of magic at my finger tips and I need to continue to use them, and create more new FUN ways of doing so! Thanks so much for the inspiration Sheri!! You Rock! Hugs

Furrow said...

Ok. So I feel bad about not rising to the challenge of naming one of my gifts. I think I can say that I am a change agent. I'm always looking for a better way, and though that can be troublesome, it has been a positive in many situations.

Duck2 said...

Thanks for the emailing and reminding me to come back to read your blog again, I did so enjoy the last time I stop by.

I am really glad I came back as the Magician does speak to me, as I am now commencing a new IVF cycle with the help of a gestational carrier, it is a challenging time, that can bring us to that ultimate goal of having a family, I love being reminded that everything I need, all the strength and skills it takes to pull this off lies inside me.

A gift that I have, is remaining clam during a crisis.

battynurse said...

These days I have such a hard time figuring out what my gifts or strengths are. I feel overwhelmed by so much and lately I doubt everything I do which makes me nuts.