Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Hang on!

I didn't want to do it! The water looked and felt so cold when it splashed up on me as I sat in the boat.

Even though it was a beautiful day on the reservoir, and I loved feeling the warm breeze whip through my hair as we sailed along on the pontoon boat...I just didn't want the shock of getting into the water.

All three of my pre-teen and teenage sons jumped in easily and hoisted themselves up on the tube that was connected to our pontoon boat. Complete with life jackets and sunscreen, they gave us a nod, which meant, "hit it!"

We took it slow at first and then, once they got the feel of being pulled by the boat, they wanted to go faster. Their faces showed their excitement as we pulled them through the wakes.

My sister and DH also got in with one of the younger boys, giving them a thrilling, but very safe ride.

After lunch it was my turn. My niece, Tessa, had very sweetly asked if Aunt Sheri would take her on the tube. That meant I had to get in.

After the initial shock, the water was tolerable. And once we got up on the tube and started out, we too wanted to go faster and faster.

Tessa laughed, giggled and screamed, "faster, faster!" We decided we were the "Lake Goddesses."

As soon as we got back in the boat and our suits were completely dry, Tessa looked at me again and said, "Can we do it again, Aunt Sheri?" And so we did.

Another Perfect Moment!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

"That meant I had to get in."

Oh, boy. Do I understand that "had to."

Reading this gives me a perfect moment. I love that you and Tessa bonded and had some thrills.


battynurse said...

Sounds like fun.

Furrow said...

That looks so fun! Lake Goddesses, indeed.

Amazing how Tessa's hair cooperated in hiding her semi-anonymity.

Unknown said...

What a great Aunt! looked like fun too.

Phoebe said...

What a great picture! You've got a family of dare devils!

Anonymous said...

I hate the first sting of cold but am always so glad I went in the water.

Sandy said...

This looks like wonderful fun. OMG I miss the water SOOO much (I live in Arizona, lol).

chicklet said...

Ack! You mean as a mother I'm going to have to do stuff I don't want to? AAAAAAAAA!!!!