Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- Queen of Cups

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Thursday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Thursday to see what cards come up.

Isn't the Queen of Cups a beautiful card? This is again from one of my favorite decks, The Gilded Tarot (book and deck available from Amazon). I use this deck most often with my clients. The artwork and symbolism really speak to me.

The Queen of Cups is a charming, compassionate woman who is highly intuitive and very nurturing. She has the energy of a mother and can also symbolize the side of you who is a romantic lover. If you are in a relationship, your significant other probably sees you as his Queen of Cups.

Cups symbolize your feelings and emotions so this queen is very open to how she feels, how others feel and how to best take care of herself and others. She is loving, emotional, creative and spiritual.

I believe each person possesses the traits of all four suits. That is, we have the emotional feel of the Cups, the intellectual feel of the Swords, the material/business feel of the Pentacles and the extroverted/energetic feel of the Wands. We may have one queen that symbolizes us most of the time, but we can also flow back and forth, depending on what role we are in.

In pulling the Queen of Cups today, you are being asked to bring out your Cups (emotional and feeling) qualities. It might also mean that you have been in this role a lot lately and pulling this card confirms that this approach has been ideal for the situations you have been facing.

Queens can sometimes symbolize your mother. If today's card feels like your mother, perhaps it is suggesting reaching out to your mom to let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

For me...the Queen of Cups symbolizes my role as a loving wife. My DH and I can become so busy that we forget that first and foremost, we are partners in all of this.

Knowing this...I plan to take the clue from the Queen of Cups and do two things:
  1. I'll set up a date with my DH so we can spend some alone, romantic time together.
  2. I'll call my mom (and two other women in my life who are mother-like) and let them know how much I love and appreciate them.
What will you do with the Queen of Cups information? Do tell...


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I'm expecting that call any minute now...

I think I'll call MY mom, too (my mom's better than your mom).

And maybe Mrs D.

And schedule in that XO time with DH.

Lovely card!

Furrow said...

I like this card today. I've been feeling emotionally vulnerable, but also emotionally charged. I've been trying to allow myself to feel more and give more love. My mom and I are already spending a lot of time together, but maybe I need to express my appreciation more clearly.

Laura Rose said...

This week one of my younger co-workers told me she wished I was her mother. And then got mad at me last night at work when I called her on manipulating another co-worker so she could get out of job tasks she doesn't like and most often doesn't do.

Ended up she is still mad at me, but actually did a better job at her responsibilites (for the first time since she has come on board.)

At first glance, this action might not seem like the Queen of Cups, but I believe a loving mother will help others to "be the best they can be!"

Kim said...

I'm going to have a chat with my mom (in spirit - she crossed in 1995).

I also see this card as a reminder - or confirmation that I've been much better lately at really being my authentic, intuitive, feeling and emotional self with my clients - and that being just that (me) is how I best serve. So the Queen in me, that doesn't get expressed to serve children of my own, does serve a purpose still - and that feels really good.

Laura Rose said...

An additional thought: Know your boundaries and make sure you are not being taken advantage of or relied upon too heavily.

Express loving kindness, but don't let an intense concern for the welfare of others compromise your own well being.

Lydia said...

Good "mothers" allow their "children" to experience their emotions and the world in a safe manner. Goddess does the same. She was with us when Suzi and I hostessed (sp?) the Into Wishin' party last Saturday... What a freeing bunch of light, love and energy there was, surrounding us all. We can hardly wait to do it again! Thank you Sheri for the perfect card reading...

Mom said...

This Mom is very humbled by your wonderful phone call this AM. I am very blessed to have such talented, loving, caring daughters who bring me such joy. My Cup runneth over.

Unknown said...

Im related to this one.The famale energy around me need some bost!!!

Ailey said...

My mother died in 1977 when I was 17 years old. It hit me very hard and to this day there are still days when I cry about that loss almost as if it's just happened. Today, coincidentally, was one of those days.

I know of little more important in our lives and on this planet than the life-giving, nurturing, healing and protective power of mother love.

suzicremecheeze said...

Amen to what Lydia said! After a very long day with mom-in-law and paying bills, I finally was able to get on my computer and check the card of the day! How appropriate! I am also heading to see my mom in a couple of weeks and will definitely keep this card in mind... It also reminds me of my grandmother... Great card Sheri. You have done it again!

excavator said...

Chiming in late:

It's often been an interesting experience of mine that my emotional state doesn't match, at least on the surface, the card pulled. Ordinarily I should be delighted with the Queen of Cups, but her more obvious attribues didn't seem to be with me.

After reflecting on a week's events, as I often do when I see my counselor (The High Priestess), I see that I have been like a fish in the sea with Cups-energy: intuition, connections, some even related and expressed through my own role as Mother.

Recently Scott and I looked up the world's largest living creature--a mushroom, under the surface of the earth which covers miles. One is deceived into thinking the parts that manifest visibly are separate individuals, where they are instead parts of the hidden Whole.

The seeming absence of the Queen of Cups' more obvious attributes(positive emotional feeling, happiness) can fool me into thinking She's absent. This week's reflection tells me I have been tenderly held.

I didn't respond at first because I didn't know how to put this into words...plus I needed a few extra days to see it. Your next card, Strength (rev)seems very complementary. I'll respond on that post.

Thank you, Sheri