Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- Wheel of Fortune

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Thursday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today I pulled a card from one of my favorite tarot decks, The Gilded Tarot, which is the artwork you see frequently on the Wild Women blog. I also use this deck when I am doing readings for people. Something about this artwork speaks to me and to my intuitive voice.

Today's card is the Wheel of Fortune, which is a Major Arcana card (indicates more global, spiritual life lessons as opposed to the situational lessons of the Minor Arcana cards).

Being the tenth card, the Wheel of Fortune carries some of the numerological meanings of a ten. Tens indicate a transition from one cycle to the next. It is a feeling of closure AND a feeling of looking forward to new beginnings.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates a pausing point where you have noticed that life has its ups and downs. It symbolizes a change for the better, the upside of a cycle, good luck and opportunity. It has with it a feeling of destiny and karma. Again..."what comes around, goes around," but not in a good deed/bad deed sort of way, but referring more to the cyclical nature of life.

When you observe the patterns of your life and the cycles you go through -- monthly, yearly or possibly in various areas of your life (relationships, education, spirituality, etc.), it helps to know that what's here today is a step towards tomorrow.

Past, present and future are all connected by the tiny word (and the big concept) of NOW. The Wheel of Fortune points to the NOW that is connecting the past to the future, the last cycle to the next one. Something is changing...so hang on!

What cycle is most prevalent in your life? Where do you feel as though you are completing a cycle and are gearing up for a new one?

Having pulled the Wheel of Fortune, look back to a time when you went through this or a similar cycle. What did you learn then that might help you now? How can you best prepare for what's ahead?

And, most importantly, the Wheel of Fortune invites you to be intentional. If you could create the ideal situation, what would it be? Be specific, because in many cases, you get what you ask for.


Laura Rose said...

Just returning from an intense work week in Michigan...and yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my son's passing...cycles...and life feels exciting and full of promise.

I realize how much I love my life in New Mexico - as hard as my job is working with mentally challenged folks.

And I have a new project moving from the back burner to the front...an online course in Face Reading, starting with a core group in Grand Rapids.

Thank you, Sheri, for providing this wonderful weekly insight into what is happening to each and every one of us!

Paula Anderson said...

Yes!! It's time!

Thanks for the reinforcing message, Sheri.

Paula Anderson

excavator said...

How interesting. I woke up this morning remembering that I'm in the 20th anniversary year of the first year with my now husband.

There's a distinct cycle with the years ending in 9. Autumns seem to be the time I most distinctly note the turning of the wheel.

In 1999, 10 years ago we'd just moved to St. Louis and were adjusting to a new life there.

In 1979 I was just moving to Portland where I have lived ever since.

In 2009 I'm aware that my marriage is ending, but I'm very unclear how I'm going to get from here to the 'there'; what it's going to look like. And how I'll get there.

Your last paragraph reminds me of what my counselor (who I think of as "The High Priestess") said--to clarify my picture of the "after", what it will look like, how I will feel, and trust that the universe will move around the pieces to connect the dots and get me there. There's that connecting concept "now".

That's my Big Thought of the day. Thanks, Sheri!

after iris said...

I think one of the most influential cycles of my adult life is connected to my husband's depression. We're jst coming out of a recent low phase that was made more intense by the birth and death of our middle daughter and the recent birth of our son.

I'm hoping we're entering an 'up' now: we're starting a new business and I think it will give us a great deal more control over our general circumstances and more specifically with how my husband's mental state can be channelled.

Thank you for letting me know about INtuitive Tuesdays, lots of food for thought!

Mad Hatter said...

I was just talking about this with my husband yesterday - about how, in our 15 years together - we have gone through many very different chapters of our lives every few years. Dating and being footloose our first year, living in Korea our second year, living in different cities our third year, living together our fourth, then changes in both our careers, buying our first house, raising our son (my stepson), getting a puppy, and now, as this card indicates, on the verge of another swing in a new direction...there's been a big change for him in his career and this will lead to a promotion in the near future, after which we hope to have a baby (or two or three!), and afford to buy a larger house. The plan is for me to stay home with the kids and work only my creative career while getting my master's degree. This is what I wish for. Thank you for letting me pause and dream about it for a moment! :-)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I kept getting the Wheel reading many years ago, when I first became energetically aware. The message included a part about depersonalizing the events in my life. In other words, the wheel turns -- not to hurt you, but because that's what it does. It was the beginning of releasing victimy thoughts and behavior.

With my college reunion this weekend, there was some closure, some coming around and completion. Felt great.

I feel I am living quite intentionally these days. I realize that with clarity comes power -- my thoughts can be like lasers so I should choose them wisely.

Great card. Thanks.

Furrow said...

I certainly feel like I'm spinning that wheel of fortune right now. We just had our first appointment with a new fertility doc today, and at least for the moment, I feel patient and optimistic. And everything seems new, but I'm not blind because I have my experience to guide me. The new guy was thorough and he listened and he seemed to respect us and our knowledge of ourselves.

I'm also excited about the new babies coming into our family from my brother and his wife, and I can see that if I was still pregnant with the baby we lost, next April would be very, very busy. So I'm looking for (and so far, finding) the good in this new future.

I feel good about making the move to a new doctor.

Thank you for this reading. As usual, it's very affirming.

Ailey said...

Well what seems most obvious to me is that the cycle of underemployment in my life is coming to a close. Although the evidence of the end of the cycle of underemployment is still just sketchy...there are some indicators that more work is on the horizon. As for my husband, no indicators of an end to his unemployments, as of yet, but here's hoping that that too is just below the horizon and rising slowly into view.

Two days in a row last week I pulled a card from my angel deck that indicated a move to a new home or place of employment being in the works and a day or so ago I pulled a card indicating that I visualize what I most desire, as the timing for such things coming to fruition seems to be good.

It's funny as I begin to think of big changes to my life, like moving from part-time to full-time employment, or employment period(in my husband's case) I can't help but wonder at how living the changes will look and feel. Clearly the better odds for financial security that employment brings will feel much better. Balancing fuller work schedules, childcare and other commitments will bring a different set of challenges for our family, tho', and, if I'm honest, some feelings of anxiety about how I'll deal with those challenges. Of course with those challenges comes opportunities for growth for everyone involved. So I think I'm ready for the turning of fortune's wheel.

Bonnie said...

I love reading everyones comments. They always give me something to think about. I've been feeling a change in the air. I feel like I'm finally coming out of a rut. My thoughts have been kind of negative the past few months but I'm pulling myself out!

Phoebe said...

I could hear the theme to "The Twilight Zone" as I was reading this. Quite literally, I started a new cycle yesterday, and I'm very excited about it. I feel like this is bigger than me, and that karma is definitely involved. The karma is the relationship we have with our spirit baby that we hope to help embody in the physical form with the beginning of this IVF cycle.

I felt very happy yesterday that we were doing the right thing. But doubt began to creep in towards the evening. As I weight everything over and over in my mind, I just have a feeling that the time is right for this, regardless of what others have told me (connects with your readings from last week). Your reading from yesterday reinforces this for me and gives me more confidence in trusting my intuition.

I also had a realization within the last couple of days that I needed to let go of our past loss so that I could focus fully on our spirit baby who is here with us, not the past ones who have long since moved on.

Ok, hope I can function now that my mind has been blown, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

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