Monday, November 23, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- The Anatomy of a Cell

Last night I helped my twin 7th graders with a project called, The Anatomy of a Cell. In this homework assignment, each student is supposed to create a detailed drawing or a model of a plant or an animal cell.

Luckily, both of my kids decided to do the drawing, which relieved me of having to drive to a hobby store to get a bunch of materials that may or may not be create a model that would have to be specially transported to school and then kept in a memory box later.

Drawings are still fun to create AND they travel and store so easily.

As I helped them label the "Golgi bodies, nucleus and the mitochondrion," I remembered studying this when I was in 7th grade (not so many years ago). :)

It was fun to watch each of them draw, color, label and explain the function of this basic building block of life.

I've included a quick reference chart above in case you'd like to refresh your knowledge of life science.

I love being in this space with my kids. It provided yet another Perfect Moment.


Furrow said...

Ok, it is just me, or are they always coming up with new parts of a cell? Probably just me.

That sounds like a fun and educational evening. Your kids have a great mom :)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I think I will enjoy this kind of homework more than I do the 8+3 stuff.

I bet the boys had a perfect moment with you, too.

And, uh, not so many years ago?

Andy said...

Learning is so much fun when you can have fun with it!

Now if I could just conquer grade 1 math I would be all set!

Quiet Dreams said...

Well, I guess 7th grade was, uh, not so many years ago for me, either (ahem), but I sure wouldn't be much help to anyone trying to do that project. Much respect to you and your memory. :)