Monday, November 16, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- German Sing Along

Last weekend, DH (dear hubby -- whom I am dancing with in the photo below), the kids and I met several members of our family members for the Army vs. Air Force football game.

DH is in the Army National Guard and his brother graduated from West Point. Watching this game each year is a tradition for this military family.

DH’s brother (and family), DH’s parents from Illinois and my entire family all traveled to Colorado Springs to cheer on the West Point Black Knights (who eventually ended up losing).

Here are the highlights of the weekend (all Perfect Moments)
  • Spending time with my family (high on my values list)
  • Tailgating (lots of food, drinks, football, music, family)
  • The weather was absolutely perfect!
  • The jets flying over the stadium were fantastic (and loud and close)
  • Working out with my younger sister and blogging with my older sister
  • Yoga with my sisters and sister-in-law (especially since our guest pass was waived because our husbands are military – SWEET!)
  • Visiting the Chapel at the Air Force Academy (beautiful architecture)
  • The pool and slide at the hotel were also a BIG hit!
And the one Perfect Moment that stands out was our dinner on Saturday evening at the Edelweiss German restaurant (pictured above). Our family of 19 was in a room all by ourselves. There was a woman accordion player who came in just before our dinner was served. She spent about twenty minutes with us, playing songs and singing with us.

During the evening we were all up doing the Chicken Dance, clapping our hands, swaying side-to-side with our arms linked and having a really great time!

I’m sure people throughout the restaurant could hear us singing the chorus to the “Happy Wanderer Song," especially the part that goes:
Val-deri, Val-dera,
Val-deri, Val-dera.
My knapsack on my back.”
If you want the song stuck in your head all day, click here. If you do click over, check out the verses underneath the line including this one:
I love to go a-gorging
Amid great gobs of food,
And as I do my abdomen
Continues to protrude.

Calorie, calorah,
Calorie, calorah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Calorie, calorah,
My body is obese.
Great times! Great memories! A (series of) Perfect Moment(s)!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I LOVE those extra lyrics -- so perfect for that night.

Those were perfect moments for me, too :-)


Tami said...

I feel so blessed that so many perfect moments are created when the whole family geys together. And as the family extends, we just get more wild and crazy!

And how lucky we are that all of our kids love to spend time together almost as much as their moms do.

Brin gon the turkey.


Kristin said...

It sounds like an incredible weekend. I love those pics.

Furrow said...

Ooh, it sounds like so much fun! And the photos prove it!

Quiet Dreams said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Those are the times we remember always.

excavator said...

Oom pah pah!

I was curious who this "extended" family is! A little jealous...maybe.

Wish we could be with you for Thanksgiving.