Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Quote to Ponder

The other day in yoga class while holding Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana), the instructor said:
Life is too important to take it seriously.
I love this instructor because she creates a challenging class and sprinkles it with great life lessons and things to ponder.

This saying reminded me to not take things so seriously...and have more fun.

What does it mean to you?


Kristin said...

It just says that if you take things to seriously, you miss the joy and fun!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I know you said something, and there were words and all, but I can't stop looking at Warrior 3 and how it's SUPPOSED to look. Mine, not so much.

But who cares?!

I love the contrast in this quote: "importance" and "not seriously."

Quiet Dreams said...

I take it as meaning life is too important to take ourselves so seriously.

Laura Rose said...

You know how much I love the energy of amusement to lighten up with. And that it is so much like the energy of forgiveness. Interesting that this particular seemingly vulnerable pose is called Warrior.