Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teenage Brains Part 1: Always on Spring Break!

Last year during Spring Break, we visited my family for part of the week and then returned home to enjoy the last several days catching up on things, the boys hanging out with their friends and relaxing.

The morning after we returned from our trip, I had an interesting conversation with Ryan (12 at the time):

Me: Are you sad that your Spring Break is almost over?

Ryan: Yes

Me: I am too.

Ryan: Why would you be sad? Aren't you always on Spring Break?

Me (laughing): So you think I'm always on vacation?

Ryan (trying to redeem himself): Yes. I mean no. I mean...since you work from home you are always here...always on Spring Break.


I guess he must have seen me lounging around watching soap operas eating Bon-Bons while they were all at school. Darn! I hate being caught in the act!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

My kids think the same thing about me.

I really should wipe the bonbon juice from my face more frequently.


Bonnie said...

How funny! My youngest is "off track" right now and he thinks we are at his disposal every moment. My husband asked him today if he didn't realize that we do have to work when he's at school?! haha