Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday on Thursday -- The Star (Reversed)

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a card and give you my interpretation of it. On Thursday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

This week's Intuitive Tuesday card was the Nine of Coins, which is about creating and then enjoying your garden, acknowledging all of the hard work and learning that helped create this beautiful space.

I pulled an additional card today for MentorTAZ in response to her comment:
I just finished the training for the new job that I have sought for more than a year! So absolutely this card is SPOT ON!!

I don't see it as a pinnacle but certainly I am on the path to the pinnacle. Regardless I pause a moment and say....well done Terri. I am so very grateful for my new career!!
YAY for you is right! I know how long you have waited for this opening and how difficult it has been to keep your faith along the way. But you did! I'm so glad you are enjoying your training and the next steps on your path.

I pulled an additional card for you today from the he Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. The card is The Star (reversed).

I covered The Star card in an earlier post that you can check out here. One of the key lines from that post describing The Star card was this:
The Star is a card of hope, inspiration, optimism, harmony and luck. It encourages you to continue on your path and follow your dreams. Every time I pull this card, I know that no matter what's going on around me, things will be OK.

The Star symbolizes positive energy flowing into your life, bringing you inspiration, exciting opportunities, guidance and renewal.
Remember that The Star comes right after the destruction and change resulting from The Tower. The Star is the light ahead of you that comforts you and encourages you to keep going, even in the midst of crisis.

In Marchetti's accompanying book, "Gateway to the Divine Tarot," it says, "Yes, there has been destruction, but it was only physical; the knowledge and wisdom gained in the journey so far have not been lost or forgotten, and they offer hope for the future."

MentorTAZ, there were many times along the way that perhaps you had lost sight of the star, but did not give up hope that it was still up there. You KNEW deep down (even in the toughest times) that you would get through and learn from your experience. That is the energy of The Star.

Today's card is reversed (pulled upside-down), which can sometimes mean a block or a delay. As you said in your comment, "I don't see is as a pinnacle but certainly I am on the path to the pinnacle."

The Star reversed came up today to remind you that all is in order...even if it doesn't happen as quickly as you would like. When you were looking for this job, remember at times the path seemed so clear, and just as quickly, it would fade away and the trail became a forest or  meadow in front of you with no clear path. As you continue to move forward in this job, know that it is all in order...The Star is out there in front of you...whether you can see it or not. Keep the faith.

The message for all of us is a spiritual one: The Star is the energy that inspires you (inspires means filled with spirit). It is the feeling you get when you KNOW in your heart that you are moving from a place of purpose.

You are being drawn forward with a new idea (like Kristen) and the new sprouts blossoming from the Divine seeds you have been planting and watering for some time now (Auralia and Cindy B), and even the hope that your perseverance will keep you moving forward -- as Lavendar Luz said, "...the idea of the one. And then then next."

The Star (reversed) encourages you to keep your inspiration, stay in spirit, and nurture your spiritual connection to fully open up to your own personal channels of spiritual energy and wisdom -- no matter if the path is clearly marked or you feel you are searching for the trail.

As long as you stay spiritually connected, you are on the path -- whether you can see it or not.


LauraRose said...

I'm ridin' the Wave!

MentorTAZ said...

Yes I couldn't see the Star many times in the last year. Frankly at times I didn't even believe it was up there behind the darkest clouds ever! I hung on to the faith and hope of friends and family many many times. I do see the Star brightly before me NOW! Thanks Sherri and Nancy for holding the light for me!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Excellent! I know now how I am spending my afternoon.

Another terrific reading, full of useful meaning.

Mad Hatter said...

Thank you, Sheri. This is a comforting post to read on the day of a BFN.