Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday -- My Ski Buddy!

Ryan, one of my 13-year old twins, tried skiing three years ago. It was such a cold day that he dropped out of his lesson mid day and sat in the kids club. From that experience, he decided that he didn't like skiing.

Over the summer, while we were vacationing in Park City, UT, he participated in the Ski Jumping camp. I wrote a post about the ski jumping experience and featured a photo of his twin brother, Bryce, going down one of the big ramps into the water. Bryce loves skiing and ever since he began, he'll simply point his skis downhill and GO. If you'd like to check out that post, click here.

After the Ski Jumping camp, Ryan said he'd be willing to try downhill skiing again. Over Thanksgiving, he took a private lesson and ending up skiing all day. Unfortunately while exploring a Green run, he got frustrated because it was a bit steeper than what he had been doing. He made it down and did a few more runs before the end of the day. But he was reluctant to go again.

Last week the boys were out of school for a Teacher Inservice Day so we decided to go skiing and take advantage of the beautiful Colorado snow. Ryan agreed to try again and we planned to ski together.

After getting our ski rentals, we went up the double lift on the bunny slopes. He seemed a bit nervous and we talked a lot about techniques to get off the lift. We both got off the lift just fine.  We made our way down the hill and even though he was cautious, I could tell he had the basics and would do just fine.

Each time we went up, we'd come down faster and faster...until he got to the point where he was pointing his skis down and going fast.

We re-named the "Bunny" hill the "Grizzly" hill because it sounds more manly. We probably got in 25+ runs, plus we went up to mid-way on the "big" quad lift.

My day was filled with Perfect Moments...getting to spend time with my family, seeing Ryan overcome his fears and enjoying skiing, watching him cut his lunch short so he could go ski with friends (even riding the lift by himself), and spending time with him on the lift talking about anything and everything.

The pinnacle Perfect Moment for me was when he said, "Mom, can we go skiing again next week?"


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Lori Lavender Luz said...

WTG, Ryan!

It's great that he stuck to it to the point where he enjoyed it. In other words, it's great that he took after his Aunt Tami (or his mom) and not his Aunt Lori.

You two look perfectly happy to be together on the slopes!

Kristin said...

That is awesome! It has been forever since I've been skiing but I remember how much fun it is.

Sandy said...

How fun! I can't wait until Oscar is old enough to learn how to ski with me. However, he will probably bypass me pretty quickly and prefer snowboarding with his dad.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rachel said...

Overcoming the fears, and trying over and over - that is truly awesome. (I could learn a thing or two...)

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful and proud Mom moment. Sounds like he'a a trooper and doesn't give up easily. That is a wonderful quality to have.

The Olympic park in Park City looks like a lot of fun! I learned to ski on my honeymoon in Park City so it's a place close to my heart.

Thanks for sharing such a good story!