Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Force It!

Have you every noticed that as women we expect or want from our hair what we don't have?
  • If we have straight hair, we want it curly. 
  • If we have curly hair, we want it straight.
  • If we have layers, we are growing it out so it's all one length.
  • If our hair is all one length, a style with lots of layers catches our eye and now we want layers.
  • If we have short hair, we want to grow it out.
  • And when it's long, we think about how it would look if we cut it short.
I have always described my hair as, "too curly to be strait and too straight to be curly." I have thick, coarse hair with a natural wave. My hair was made for the 80's BIG hair style.

The last time I was in to see my stylist (who I absolutely adore), she and I were talking about my hair texture. I told her how much I liked it when my hair was straightened, but also said that I don't like to spend the time it takes to make it that way.

I said something about how it's curly, but not enough to look good. When I let it dry, it looks like I had a permanent, but some of the curlers fell out before it finished processing. Parts of it are straighter than other parts.

She suggested using a product that helps maintain the curl and make it more consistent across my head.

Do they really make something like that? Yes! I found it at the grocery store and have been using it ever since. It makes it so my hair can easily do what I want it to do. There is no more forcing it to be straight, when in fact, it wants to be curly.

That's not to say I won't take the time to straighten it every so often...but it's MUCH easier to just let it do what it wants to do.

It's SO much easier when I don't force it.

The other day, the "don't force it" principal played out with a decision I was making. For the past two years, I have contemplated taking a fairly extensive Yoga Teacher Training from one of our local studios. Each time I was interested, but would look at the curriculum and the schedule and feel roadblocks popping up.

Last week I finally turned in my application (and put down a deposit) to do the Yoga Teacher Training this summer at the yoga studio where I practice.  The first time I heard about the training, I felt excited. As I looked at the schedule, it seemed like it would work. It was such a different experience than before when I felt like I was forcing it to work.

The flow and ease of making the decision this time reminded me of my hair. It's SO much easier when I don't force it.

The key will be if I remember this the next time I am debating on what to do. If it feels forced, I am probably making the wrong decision. If it is probably right.

I need to remember not to force it! I'm off now to take a shower and apply my curly gel...and let my hair flow.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Hey! I have that hair, too! You'll have to tell me about that magic product that evens out the wave.

So happy you'll be doing the teacher training! You can practice on me all you want.

The deeper lesson is a good one, Sheri. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this message Sheri. It's a good lesson in paying attendion to the message we are receiving! Loved it!

I'ld love to here about the hair product- I'm always looking for a new product to try. And PS- congratulations on starting your Yoga training. When you are ready to practice with students let me know- I would love to try it! JL

Ailey said...

I totally love this post!! This is a concept I've considered off and on over the years. The challenge is applying the concept practically, being able to discern the flow from the forcing.