Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Completely Protected

Since the first of the year I have been studying the Course In Miracles. The book includes a Text, a Workbook for Students and a Manual for teachers.  Each day I read and practice one of the lessons. There are 365 lessons in the Workbook and the idea is to do one lesson a day for a year.

It's been interesting to see how my study of the Course In Miracles overlaps and weaves together with my yoga practice. My yoga instructor has explained that yoga is a practice of un-learning. We are un-learning how our bodies move, how we breathe and how we have become disconnected from our physical bodies.

The Course In Miracles also seems to be an un-learning of sorts. Each lesson provides a quote or main idea and some insight on that thought. I like the once a day format to help me stay present with what I am learning.

Today's lesson had some great quotes that I wanted to share with you. 

Lesson 50: I am sustained by the love of God. 

Here is an excerpt from Lesson 50:
"Only the Love of God will protect you in all circumstances. It will lift you out of every trial, and raise you high above all the perceived dangers of this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety. It will transport you into a state of mind that nothing can threaten, nothing can disturb, and where nothing can intrude upon the eternal calm of the Son of God."
A couple of lessons from the previous days were, "God is the strength in which I trust," and "There is nothing to fear."

It's impossible for me to describe to you what practicing the Course In Miracles and practicing yoga has meant to me during the past year, but know that I've experienced some huge shifts...and I expect even more shifts to follow.

My parents knew someone who was studying the Course In Miracles who told them that if someone can make it to Lesson 50, he or she most often will continue and finish the Course. Today I mark the Lesson 50 milestone and am looking forward to continuing my journey.


Kristin said...

That sounds like a fascinating course.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Every once in awhile I get a sense for what it feels like to be fearless. It's divine.

Congrats on getting to #50!