Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday -- Three of Cups and Simplicity

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Thursday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Thursday to see what cards come up.

Today’s card comes from the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore. It is a card of overflowing emotions, celebrations with family and friends, and a time to rejoice and have fun.

If it sounds familiar, it's because it was out Intuitive Tuesday card in mid-January. For more details about this card, click here. In addition, you'll see another artistic rendition of this beautiful card.

The Three of Cups is a perfect card for this time of year. Spring is a time of celebrations to mark beginnings and endings including both graduation and weddings (among many others).

It's not surprising that it came up today to remind us to step into this exciting and fun energy and realize how important it is to get together with family and friends and celebrate important times in our lives.

Because I pulled this card recently, I wanted to pull an additional card from the Messages of Life deck by Mario Duguay. These cards are so beautiful and have deep, meaningful messages accompanying the artwork.You can click here to check it out or go to your local (metaphysical) bookstore.

Today's card is Simplicity...which I also thought was fitting for today. As we move into this time of celebrations, it's easy to get caught up in what must be done to prepare for a successful event...that we can lose sight of the fact that it is supposed to be fun!

Here is the message from the card in case it's hard to read:
It is useless to complicate anything. I cease to view life as a burden and to fall into the chaos that the mind creates. I choose to simplify my life and rise above the ego that seeks always to understand, prove, control, and separate me from the things that are of the Light. All that I undertake, I do with humility and an open heart. As through the eyes of a child, I discover life with wonder and simplicity.
I think our message today is simple:  Have fun, relax...and keep it simple!


Kim said...

Nice cards - great advice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri, so glad you drew the second card. Just spent the weekend at the Lake where I was feeling so blissed out and unburdened. Woke up this morning just wanting to go back to that space and NOT to the details of life! What a great reminder to let life be and stay tuned to the part of me that enjoys the spring, no matter what I am doing, and to prioritize the details. Andrea Rose Jones

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Know what this card says to me?

Time to have some wine with your 2 sisters!

How's that for simple?

XOXO Miss you.

Kristin said...

Such a beautiful message. I really hope the 3 of cups represents a new beginning for my baby sister. I just found out she has been fighting infertility:(

Laina's Corner said...

Keeping it simple is always a good message! In this busy life that seems to engulf us all at some time or another, it is easy to lose perspective! Thanks for the reminder.