Friday, October 8, 2010

What About October 10, 2010 (10/10/10)?

Three versions of the 10th Major Arcana card, the Wheel of Fortune.
From the Mystic Faerie Tarot, The Enchanted World Tarot,
and The Gilded Tarot decks. 
In my last Intuitive Tuesday post that featured the Two of Swords (reversed) and The Moon (reversed), Kaleene commented and asked about her upcoming birthday on 10/10/10. 

With these numbers, it looks to be an exciting day -- not only if it's your birthday, but for everyone.

Here are my thoughts on 10/10/10, a few days early so you have time to ponder this once-in-a-lifetime event:

Let's look first at the number 10. In the tarot deck tens indicate the end of a cycle, completion, transformation...and time for new beginnings. Based on your comment on Tuesday's post, it looks like this would be a welcome change. Kaleene, you said:
I almost cried reading these cards. I am exactly in this place right now. I have been in such a funk that after a lot of conversations with my best friends, Jeff my husband, Janelle, my childhood friend, I am starting to come out of my darkness and beginning to see the light again. To find happiness and wholeness in the present. To feel valued and appreciated. very cool!
It sounds like things have been tough, but you are beginning to see the light. That is exactly the essence of the tens. You've moved through these cycles and are ready to start again. And know that this is in all of the areas of your life which are represented in the tarot deck through the suits:
  • Wands (energy, creativity and action)
  • Swords (mental energy, intellect, thoughts and conflict)
  • Cups (emotions and feelings)
  • Pentacles (resources, earthly, materialistic, business)
What does 10/10/10 mean for the rest of us?
As you approach 10/10/10, reflect on each of the areas represented by the suits and the energy of the ten, to see how and where you've found completion. For example:
  • What is the cycle you've come through in this area: Wands/energy, Swords/thoughts, Cups/feelings, Pentacles/materials?
  • When did the cycle start? What happened in the middle and towards the end?
  • Looking back, what did you learn in each area: Wands/energy, Swords/thoughts, Cups/feelings, Pentacles/materials?
  • Knowing what you know now, how could you have better applied your energies from each area: Wands/energy, Swords/thoughts, Cups/feelings, Pentacles/materials?
  • What lessons have you learned in each area: Wands/energy, Swords/thoughts, Cups/feelings, Pentacles/materials?
Don't spend a lot of time word-smithing or thinking of the "right" answer. Simply reflect on this cycle and find clarity on the lessons you have that you can take this wisdom with you as you begin the next cycle.

Know too, that some of the learning and revelations may still be in process, so be patient with yourself as you learn and recognize these lessons.

When relating the three tens (10/10/10) to the Major Arcana, there are some interesting connections that can be made.
  • The tenth Major Arcana card is the Wheel of Fortune, which indicates a change for the better. The Wheel spins continuously and for every down there is an up -- and vice-versa.  If things have been tough up until now, you may have been on the downside of the cycle and are reaching the top again.
  • The higher octave of the Wheel of Fortune might also be the 19th card in the deck (1 + 9 = 10), which is The Sun. This is a card of success, fulfillment, opportunity and joy. 
  • Another related card is The Magician (the first of the Major Arcana cards = 1) just as the 10 comes down to a 1 numerologically speaking (1 + 0 = 1). The Magician's gift is helping you realize the gifts YOU have...and encourages you to apply these gifts in all areas of your life.  
Yes, 10/10/10 has the potential to be a very powerful day for all of us, and especially for you, Kaleene, because it is your birthday.

Happy birthday! I'm excited to hear what you do with all of this fantastic 10 energy on your birthday and as you move forward in your life.

And, if you would like more in-depth information about the upcoming year, I have a 6-card Year Lesson Tarot Spread that is ideal for birthdays. Email to let me know if you would like more information.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

How cool to have a birthday on 10/10/10.

Makes me wonder what 11/11/11/ and 12/12/12 will bring.

I especially like the "be patient" part of your message. Good reading!

Kaleene said...

Thank you Sheri!!!! I would love to hear more. Warm hugs!