Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday -- The High Priestess and the Three of Cups (Reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life and ask, "What messages are here for me ?"

As I shuffled the cards to select this week's Intuitive Tuesday tarot card, I said, "Tell me what messages I need to bring to my readers this week."

I selected The High Priestess  from the Gateway to the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti. Since I've previously selected this card (click here for more details), I asked for more clarity and selected the Three of Cups (reversed).

What do these two cards -- The High Priestess and the Three of Cups (Reversed) -- mean together?

The Three of Cups (reversed) may indicate either not getting along with a friend or friends, feeling lonely or left out and/or finding no reason to celebrate.

Remember that cups are emotions and having three of them upside-down may feel sad. What once may have brought you joy, now brings you pain. There may be a strain in an important relationship in your life and you may feel the need to be alone for a while possibly to help heal the friendship.

I have previously written about the Three of Cups in its upright position here. Among other things, the reversed position can mean the opposite of the card's meaning or it can mean the energy is blocked or you are not quite ready to move onto the next phase of this cycle.

The High Priestess is one of the Major Arcana cards and represents spiritual knowledge and intuition. Tuning into your High Priestess energy is like tapping into your Higher Self.

Even if something makes perfect, logical sense on our human plane, your High Priestess knows much more about the situation and will guide you forward based on that wisdom (if you let her). When people talk about having intuition, it means they recognize and trust their High Priestess energy.

A personal story...
The two cards together shed light on a situation in my life regarding one of my friendships. We met almost twenty years ago and shared many things including ideas, spirituality, family, divorces...and working together.

Did your red flag go up on that last one, "working together?"

Over the years our lives have woven in and out, sometimes we are like two peas in a pod, and other times our paths become parallel. The "peas" periods have coincided with times we have worked together...because we were physically together a lot during those times.
A couple of years ago, we were working together, but it was time for me to leave...and so I did. Our paths became parallel once again. And just like before, I thought things were OK, just separate.
Two weeks ago, I got a nasty email from her, chastising me for leaving -- not only the job, but our friendship as well. What changed? How did our parallel paths lead to this?
My "pattern" reaction would be to respond immediately, apologize and make up (I am a middle child = mediator/peacemaker). But I wasn't sure what I did wrong?
Feeling frustrated, I consulted my inner voice, my High Priestess, and pulled some tarot cards to help me find clarity.
Our relationship followed a pattern that was unhealthy for me. When I stepped out of the pattern, the relationship didn't work any longer. An A-HA moment!
Recognizing the pattern reminded me of why I got divorced from my first husband. His moodiness could no longer control me...which made him furious. I refused to stay in the pattern...and our relationship ended.
In the situation with my friend, my High Priestess helped me to see that falling all over myself apologizing would be stepping back into my old patterns...which weren't and aren't true for me any longer. So I didn't.
The Three of Cups (Reversed) calls for being separated for a while to allow natural healing to happen.  And so, I wait, with love...listening to my higher voice. We'll work things out if and when it's meant to be.
If you are experiencing a Three of Cups (reversed) situation in your life, or if one pops up in the next couple of weeks (holidays are a great time to stir up old relationship patterns), tune into your higher voice to help you stay true to YOU.

Your High Priestess has some words of wisdom for you...if you will simply tune in and listen.


Quiet Dreams said...

As usual, you picked these cards for me (have you been spying on me?). I've been craving alone time, but the "should" voice in my head has been telling me I should get out there, socialize, make friends. My higher self tells me to listen to my inner wisdom, to what I need. What I need right now is to rest and renew my social energy, I think. It doesn't feel like the time to jump into a lot of social activity. It's just trying to get the volume down on the "should" voice that is hard.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I love how you grew through this experience and stayed aware of patterns and motivations.

And I'm kinda sorry I turned you into a peacemaker!

I hope I don't get into it with any relatives over the holidays, but if I do, I hope to have the awareness you show here.

Bonnie said...

I love that you stood strong and didn't fall back into an old patter. Good for you! You are right, it will work out when it's meant to.

I'm feeling some frustration about a situation right now but not sure how to handle it. I will turn to my high priestess and not rush into an irrational reaction... which would only lead to feeling bad and guilt that I didn't handle it better... which is one of my old patterns.

As always thank you Sheri for your insightfulness!

Kaleene said...

This is spot on for two relationships in my life, a co-worker "friend" and my brother. This will help me work through the two relationships. I am too, a middle-child, peacemaker, but I think it is time for me to realize that as a Libra, not all relationships are always going to be in balance and peace sometimes is just not talking.

Mad Hatter said...

Hi Sheri - Wow! Did I ever experience this situation this week! I had been allowing Anonymous comments on my blog, some of which were helpful and considerate (regardless of whether they agreed with my decisions about my fertility treatment or not). But some were becoming increasingly challenging and directive and their tone and message were clearly toxic for me. Like you, I realized my usual pattern of Ms. Nice Guy wasn't going to work for me anymore. This week I reached my breaking point and I pushed back. I am listening to my High Priestess and sticking by my choices that I feel in my gut will lead me to having the baby I dream of (and I changed my settings to disallow Anonymous comments!).
Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on this.

Anonymous said...

It seems you have outgrown your friend, it is sad that so much of that is going on at this time of change in everyones lives. Releasing it to the High Priestess is a very enlightened way to go. The universe has a way of working things out for the good of all involved. TJ

Anonymous said...

Yep.. even though things appear a certain way, you gotta pull on the High Priestess to work it out.
When I draw this card for myself it usually means that- I have Sacred Knowledge concerning something and must patiently watch it unfold, meanwhile I can chill.. There lies the key.
I'm passing this on to a few more friends here as it also applies to them.
Thanks for sharing that with everyone chicka!
I know this has been an ongoing lesson, but now that you don't question yourself, she does.. :)