Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love It And Let It Go -- The Tarot Reading

In my previous post, I told you the story about one of my clients, Lynne, who just completed her first book. After submitting several book proposals and query letters, she requested a tarot reading. After giving you the details to Lynne's story, I asked readers to provide any intuitive insights you have that might be helpful for Lynne.

Lynne's Reading:
Here is the email I sent back to Lynne which talks about which tarot card(s) I selected and how I interpreted them. See if your intuitive hits matched mine...

Dear Lynne,

I asked the questions you sent me and felt a flowing feeling, which I interpreted to mean that the book is well on its way. All you have to do now is continue to lovingly guide it on its journey. That is...allow it to flow forward without becoming emotionally attached to it...but still loving it and the process.

You have created this idea and it is now time to let it go and become what it is supposed to be and reach the people it's supposed to reach. Your job now is to escort it along its path and facilitate its journey.

Then I shuffled the cards and pulled the
Queen of Cups.  According to the book Tarot Wisdom: Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings by Rachel Pollack, the Queen of Cups signifies, "being intense and deeply committed to her path, which we might call the creative path of love...she sees but also acts, and her activity feeds her dream...she blends intense feeling with manifestation." 

The keywords are: "intensity, dedication, love, someone who blends feeling with action. She may represent a creative artist or creativity itself...a sense of protection in some difficult situation."

The Queen of Cups symbolizes a very motherly, loving and nurturing energy. It also calls you to tap into your own intuitive voice. If you ever feel confused, simply tap in and follow your intuition, even if it doesn't make complete sense. This is part of your journey -- listening, trusting and acting.

You can read about this card on my blog:
here (tapping in to your emotions -- but not getting hooked), here (nurturing yourself) and here (nurturing yourself and others and about using (yours or others') intuition to help you move forward .  

I asked for any other clarification on your questions and pulled the:
  • Knight of Coins (reversed)
  • Knight of Cups (reversed)
  • 8 of Wands
Since knights symbolize change, new people and experiences entering your life, news, courage, etc. I interpreted that after two rejections (since the cards were reversed), things will begin to move really quickly (8 of Wands).

Hopefully this gives you some insight into your questions. 

Let me know if you have questions or further insights.

Lynne's Response:
That's about as good a reading on this as I could get, I think. Thank you for this. I am pleased with how well I've done my part and then let go. And keep doing my part (sending out more) and letting go. It's quite the yin/yang dance.

Don't you think I handled the reversed Knights well? I didn't take it personally, on a deep level. Instead of a rejection of my book or of me (which I may have interpreted in past years) I took it as a
"this isn't the best path so I'm closing it off for you. Love, the Universe."  I'm breathing through the 8 of wands. I do feel it coming.

Do you have your Intuitive Tuesday readings categorized and on a spreadsheet by topic? Impressive. 
A special thanks to Lynne for allowing me to share her story and her intuitive reading.

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