Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love It And Let It Go

I recently did an email tarot reading for one of my clients, Lynne. I asked for her permission to share the reading with the blog readers of the Wild Women of the Universe. Here is her story and the tarot reading I gave to her. Perhaps you can relate to these insights for a project you are working on and possibly struggling with...

My client, Lynne, first talked to me about her project over two years ago. She was in the midst of researching and writing a book on something that Lynne had first-hand experience with and a lot of passion about.

We've kept in touch throughout the project and when Lynne would lose steam or inspiration or needed guidance or support, she would contact me and ask for a reading.

Usually the readings didn't uncover anything that Lynne didn't already know, but having the confirmation of the cards and my intuition gave her more confidence and certainty.

After months of disciplined writing, taking some time off, and then writing again (and again and again), editing, sending out for comments from close friends and advisers, Lynne finally completed her book proposal.

She took a sigh of relief knowing her work was done. The important thoughts that she felt needed to be transcribed, the beautiful stream of information from both her heart and her head, was neatly saved on her computer. Ah....

But could she really relax? Was her work truly done?

Perhaps her thoughts were on paper, but unless other people could read her work, it would simply be 550+ kilobytes of information trapped on her computer.

Lynne realized that getting her work into the hands of a literary agent and/or publisher was the next step...and it didn't happen easily or automatically. Finally, she had her query letter ready and sent out the initial proposals to a handful of prospective agents and publishers.  And then she waited...

Lynne recently emailed me a couple of questions and asked me for a tarot reading. Her questions had to do with the book proposals she had recently sent out, after month/years of lovingly writing her book.

Lynne's Email Request:
A request for a full proposal came yesterday from two of my sister's colleagues.  Their request and my response is below.

So. My questions are: What is the state of my book, and, what do I need to know to help it manifest?
I sat down with my tarot cards, focused on her questions and shuffled the deck.

Before I provide the card(s) I selected and the intuitive insights I received, I'll give you a chance to tap in and give your impressions, maybe pull some cards, and/or otherwise support Lynne and help her find answers to her questions.

Even if you think, "I don't have an intuitive bone in my body..." you have probably already received some thoughts, feelings and insights that would be helpful for Lynne. If you are so moved, take a few moments to give Lynne some of your intuitive feedback. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Then tune in Saturday to find out what card(s) I selected for her and what messages I received.

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Kim said...

My first thought are… who is waiting for this publication? What audience is awaiting the publication of this book? Having read over your post – my inclination is to advise her to focus in on the energy of her target audience and ask the questions that are coming to her. As she focuses and tunes into them to gaining their insight, her next steps will become more clear.