Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday -- Reversed Piggy Back

Ryan giving me a piggy back ride.
Each week I participate in Perfect Moment Monday, sponsored by the blog, According to Lavender Luz, "Perfect Moment Monday" is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect Moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between." And so, here is a Perfect Moment for this week.

What is a "Reversed Piggy Back," as included  in today's Perfect Moment Monday post?

For so many years, I held, carried, toted, dragged, walked, ran, piggy-backed my three sons all over the place.

When the twins were young (barely walking), James was just a toddler himself. I remember unloading the double stroller, unloading each of the twins from his car seat and reloading him into the stroller seat, while the other two patiently waited.

James was last out of the car -- first because I had to secure his brothers first, and second because (usually) he was more patient. James would either help me push the stroller, ride on the back or walk beside us hanging onto the side of the stroller or onto a rope as we walked inside (the store, my work, the bank, post office, etc.). It was quite a procedure.

I relished the days when I could still hold one kid in each arm...two at at time.

But not any more.  Last night Ryan offered me a piggy back. Could one of my kids really lift me up?

Well...he did. And not just once or for a second, Ryan hoisted me onto his back and walked around the living room.

Hence...the "Reversed Piggy Back". Instead of me giving a piggy back to one of my kids. One of my kids was holding me!!!

It's not so amazing if you simply look at the size of Ryan and see him lift me up. What's amazing is realizing that at one time, I could hold him in one arm. In fact, being a twin, I held both him and his brother, Bryce, in my body during our pregnancy.

And now, here he was holding me...easy as pie!

Life is an amazing process...full of Perfect Moments, like this one.

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Kristin said...

What a sweet, wonderful moment.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I am in shock because *I* held that boy during his baptism.

How cool that he carries you around now!

I forgot what a production it was for you to run errands during the Foggy Years.

Tami said...

I remember when you would "escape" to workout. Once you made it to the gym, you would hop on the StairMaster to workout (as if your life wasn't already a workout). But you wouldn't do so without first strapping Ryan onto your back in a backpack and securing Bryce into a Snuggli in front of you. So, yes. I see (and feel) the beauty in this piggy-back ride. And I honor the strength that has carried you through your life.