Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stepping Out...Into the Light

I’ve been what I call a “closet” intuitive. That is, most people think I’m intuitive and are in awe when I pull something out of the air, but they don’t realize that I study intuition, read tarot cards and can usually get a pretty good feel on most situations.

By day, my job has been pretty main-stream. I have worked in business situations where intuition has safely been referred to as a “gut feel.” If someone asked for my input, I’d give them my intuitive impression and then back it up with facts (if possible). This would help everyone feel more comfortable to move forward. It’s much easier to justify your actions with, “As you can see on this spreadsheet from last year’s sales…” rather than, “Sheri had an intuitive insight (or pulled a tarot card) that led us to this key decision…”

So yesterday, I finally stepped out. I had left my "business" job at the beginning of the summer to pursue a new career in organizational and life coaching. The great thing is that in my training to become a coach, intuition is one of the key ingredients to successful coaching because people really do project a lot of energy that holds clues as to how to get them un-stuck. As coaches, we use our intuition to pick up on this energy and lead people forward in their lives.

As part of my new career, I am a presenter of many mainstream ideas (public relations, marketing, sales, etc.), and have also started to speak/present on metaphysical topics such as intuition and how to use it in your everyday life and in your career. My goal now is to combine the two topics and give my business clients a metaphysical twist!

So yesterday, having used my best publicity skills, I marketed myself right into a position behind the microphone of our local public radio station, talking about…intuition and tarot card readings. This is not my first time behind a mic. In fact, in my line of business, I have been a spokesperson on TV and radio, and have been quoted in print several times. But as I heard the interviewer read my biography and introduce me as the “everyday tarot reader” and as I visualized people who knew me as a business woman actually hear me talk about reading tarot cards and how to get in touch with their intuitive voice, I could just imagine people rolling their eyes and muttering under their breath something like, “I didn’t know she was into that kind of voodoo!”

As I stepped away from the interview, I remembered all of the times I had shared with people my interest in intuition and even in tarot cards. Most people are so curious that they just can’t help but ask questions, and usually end up wanting a reading, which I am happy to do. The pleasure for me is when we finish the reading and they say, “Wow! That was right on. It’s really cool. How does it work?” And, it’s even better when they become repeat customers and refer their friends and family. That’s when I know there is a place in this world for my services.

And so, I step into the light, which for me is symbolized by the Moon card reversed in the tarot deck. The Moon reversed also signifies “seeing things as they really are, shedding light on the matter, and the confusion is ending.” I am who I am and embrace all parts of me including both my business side and my intuitive side. The great thing with coaching is that I need both intuition and great business sense to succeed.

Here’s to stepping into the light and welcoming success.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Intuitive Mirror

As an intuitive and tarot card reader, people come to me to get my "feel" for something that is going on in their lives, usually a problem concerning their love life, their career, their finances or their future. They ask me to tune into my intuition and help them.
To answer their question, I tune into their energy and the emotions surrounding their situation. If they have opened their energy to me, I can usually tap into their feelings and can often tap into the feelings of other people in their world. So really, they are telegraphing to me what is going on in their world and I simply reflect it back to them. My intuition becomes a mirror and helps them see the answers they seek.

I never really knew I had this gift until I met another intuitive and tarot card reader (my mentor) who said, "You have intuitive gifts and could read the cards if you wanted to." Could I really?

The answer was loud and clear the first time I shuffled my new deck of cards and laid them out, not knowing what any of the symbols even meant. She said, "Read my cards, but don't think. Just tell me what you feel." How odd this was for someone who would make a spreadsheet measuring out the pros and cons of any major decision in her life.

But read them I did and have not stopped since. I soon began to read tarot cards for other people and even people that I didn't know at all, and still the cards and my intuition brought clarity and answers to the questions they had. This truly is a gift.

And yet, I believe we all have this gift if we simply tune into it, but how? That is what I am exploring at this point in my life. Can I teach people to use their intuition? When I ask the cards, they answer with a resounding YES! And so, my quest continues to become a healer of sorts and teach people what they already know, but don't realize. In the beginning, I am their mirror, and in the end, they are looking into their own mirror. Isn't that cool?