Friday, July 4, 2008

"...And Your Little Dog Too!"

One of my favorite scenes in The Wizard of Oz is when the Wicked Witch says to Dorothy, "I'll Get You, My Pretty...And Your Little Dog Too!"

I was reminded of this last week when an acquaintance said, "I mentioned your name to one of my clients and she said that you read tarot cards and that you are a witch."

I was shocked...but I also knew that at some point this would happen. For a long time I have kept up two personas. The first is the everyday mother, career woman, community citizen and neighbor -- normal, just like everyone else. The second is a highly intuitive person who understands and uses tarot cards to help people gain clarity.

Perhaps this second side could be descibed as a "witch" or a "gypsy," but in the multitude of tarot readings I have done, one of the most comforting things for my clients is that I am a normal woman who has intuitive gifts. I wear mainstream clothes; live in a normal house; have been a very successful mainstream business person; and I DON'T have tattoos, multiple body piercings, smoke, wear heavy make-up or carry a crystal ball.

Most people who meet my business persona first, have no idea that I am extremely intuitive, but when they do learn about these gifts, they are curious and open...and most often ask for a reading.

It's amazing the number and types of people I have had as tarot clients. What brings them to me and to tarot? They have questions, need direction or understanding...AND they trust me. As I lay out the cards, I tune into what's happening in their emotional field and help them move forward. I am NOT a fortune-teller. The reading is a slice of what's going on for them right now. There is ALWAYS free will -- and I stress this to my clients. We are the masters of our own destiny and live in a world we create with our choices and our thoughts.

Am I a witch? I guess if your definition of a witch is a fairly mainstream, normal, every-day person who has found a way to help people through emotionally trying times and/or to make decisions...then the answer is yes. I guess I am. And, if so, maybe I should add a pointed hat to my business card to let the world know the true me. :)