Monday, August 31, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- A Day At The Lake

During our summer vacation, we took the kids boating on Jordanelle Reservoir near Park City, Utah. As we were waiting to rent the boat and the equipment, the kids stood looking out at the beautiful scenery.

My dad used to say, "Take a mental picture of this to remember it." Nowadays, I do both -- I take a mental picture and a digital picture to help me remember Perfect Moments! My three are the "big" boys and the others are my niece and nephews.

We had a great time on the water. I even wrote another Perfect Moment Monday post about our tubing experience.

The kids are growing up so quickly. I'm glad that digital photography helps me to capture these Perfect Moments.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Divine Timing

I admit it. I can be a control freak! I like to plan and organize things so they are easy and smooth. For some reason, I think MY way is THE way to live my life and can get frustrated when my plan gets interrupted.

Having kids helped me to release some of my need to think I control things. When the boys were younger, I would create my plan, only to realize that I couldn't leave the house on time because one of the kids had spilled something down the front of his outfit, or one had "a diaper blow-out" or I couldn't find a favorite toy, forgot the diaper bag, etc.

As they have gotten older, the delays and interruptions have changed. Preteens don't have diaper blow-outs, but they can forget to tell me about a mandatory practice (which wasn't on my schedule), they can lose their cell-phones, forget their homework, or need a permission slip signed TODAY, etc.

My continual lesson is to be aware of Divine Order in my life. RELAX! It is ALL in order...even when it doesn't go according to MY plan. All of the delays and interruptions (no matter how frustrating) are part of the divine plan.

My quest is to become consciously aware of the ever-unfolding divine plan and allow my life to flow, which means not trying to control it all and not getting stressed out when interruptions happen.

This quote from, hit home for me:
We often get so caught up in trying to direct and control every aspect of our lives that we become frustrated when people don’t cooperate with our desires or events don’t turn out as we had planned. Our willingness to step back and release the need to be in control allows the universe to orchestrate events in our favor. We then feel relaxed because we aren’t trying to force events to conform to our expectations, and we develop a stronger sense of optimism that everything will work out in exactly the right way at exactly the right time. Your feelings of frustration will melt away today if you release your expectations and allow the universe to work on your behalf.

I especially like the reassurance in the last line that says, "Your feelings of frustration will melt away today if you release your expectations and allow the universe to work on your behalf."

I'm curious -- how do you melt your feelings of frustration and allow divine timing to work for you?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday on Wednesday -- The Hermit

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. On Wednesday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

Yesterday's Intuitive Tuesday card was Seven of Swords (reversed). Here are Martha's comments from yesterday:
This really touches me, Sheri and I usually am pretty skilled and comfortable at living with the "just is". But, I must need to learn these lessons anew.

When my son's replacement bike got stolen from his school, I said to him, "the person who stole it must have needed it more than us." Still sucks. Reality bites and bites back. All I can control is my reaction, and realize after a near miss with a camp stove fire and teen boy issues, I am blessed with our health, a roof over our heads, and food in our pantry. That is my lesson. Thank you.
Martha, thanks for sharing your story about the bike being stolen and your reaction and resolution. The card I pulled for you today is The Hermit (Furrow, you'll be happy to know that it was NOT reversed).

The Hermit symbolizes turning within and purposely taking time to meditate, contemplate and become centered. The Hermit calls you away from the pressures and distractions in life to pursue your spiritual journey. In your quest for knowledge, you may seek advice from others, but The Hermit indicates that your best counsel is by tuning in and listening to your own wisdom.

The Hermit also reminds us that by looking INside, you realize how connected you are to things OUTside...and the two seemingly opposite realms meld into one.

Martha, in your comment, you described how you went from frustration, anger and resentment and stepped back, centered yourself (spent some time with The Hermit energy) and looked at the larger picture.

You then shifted your thoughts to, "the person must have needed it more than us," and then into gratitude ("being blessed with our health, a roof over our heads, etc."). That is exactly how The Hermit energy works! You stepped away from the drama -- even though it was real and right in front of your face -- and found the more spiritual meanings.

I get a sense that The Hermit card came up today to remind each of us how important it is to do this. The presence of this card suggests taking the time to step outside of your normal routine and find time for yourself. Your soul longs for a time-out to regain your footing, find your balance and re-center yourself. If you can't afford a couple of days off, try an afternoon...or even an hour of "Hermit" time.

Purposely take time to be with The Hermit today. What wisdom awaits as you create time and space for this energy?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- Seven of Swords (reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is the Seven of Swords (reversed). At first it's natural to think something "bad" or think something might be "wrong" when you see a reversed card. Why else would a reversed card come up?

In my tarot classes, we talk about the "good" and "bad" nature of the cards and how even when something feels "bad," it can turn out to be something "good," which usually turns into a discussion on duality. My philosophy is that it's tough to tell whether something is "good" or "bad;" it just IS. And it is our reaction to it that deems it as good or bad.

Today's card is the Seven of Swords (reversed). Sevens can indicate a choice of some sort, vision, a turning point or fate. In numerology, the seven is a very spiritual number. It can refer to looking within, contemplation and choice. Swords typically refer to intellect, mental challenges and/or conflict.

The Seven of Swords in its upright position has to do with being cunning or sneaky. It can mean finding an ingenious way of solving a problem or feeling cheated or uneasy about something you have done. When reversed, it can indicate to allow things to take their own course. It may show that people might change their minds and/or may find a new appreciation for you and your ideas.

When you draw the Seven of Swords reversed, know that if something has been taken from you unfairly, it may be returned. If someone has been mean to you or talking about you behind your back, you may receive an apology.

The feeling of the Seven of Swords (reversed) is one of appreciation for who you are and possibly exoneration. You did what you needed to do and people may not have understood it at the time...but now they do OR it doesn't matter to you or to the situation.

I've said this before, but it's good to reiterate...Remember that right now is just a slice of what's happening. If you get caught up in the fairness of the situation at this point in time, it may affect how you move through what comes next and what comes after that and so on.

Take a moment now to step out of the drama and see that this is just a SLICE of the story. Yesterday someone may have been unfair to you and today someone apologizes to you. Watch the story of your life unfold.

Just as in tarot, life is a series of cycles. When you are able to step out of the drama and see it for what it is, it becomes less of a personal affront and more of a tool for growth. Where are you in the cycle? How can you step back and learn from what's happening right now?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Off to School

Last week the boys started school, two in 7th grade and one in 8th. They look like triplets, don't they? And the tallest one is the youngest!

I watched as they walked away with so much pride and emotion in my heart. They are growing up...and they are doing a GREAT job of it!

I am so very blessed to be their mother!

Friday, August 21, 2009


The other day I was in yoga class doing a very deep hip opener (pigeon lunge). If you have done this pose, you know how good it is for stretching the muscles around tight hip joints. It's one of those feelings like a good, deep massage -- where it hurts, but it feels SO good!

As I breathed in and out, allowing the breath to move into the tight muscles, the yoga instructor read these words on flexibility, which really hit home for me.

She said she got her quote from DailyOM. I checked out their Web site and was very impressed. See how this relates to you and your life:
The ability to accept what is happening and let go of your original expectations is key when dealing with these unexpected turns of fate. We have a tendency to get stuck in our heads, clinging to an idea of how we think life should go, and we can have a hard time accepting anything that doesn’t comply with that idea.

The fact is that life is unpredictable. The trip you thought was for business — and when the deal fell through, you got depressed — actually landed you at the airport two days earlier than planned so you could meet the love of your life. Your car breaks down, and you are late for an appointment. While it’s true that you never arrive at that important meeting, you end up spending a few relaxing hours with people you would never have met otherwise.
May we all remember flexibility when we are trying SO hard to make something happen and perhaps simply allow the divine order of the universe to be our guide and a comforting force as we move forward.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday on Wednesday -- 2 of Swords (Reversed)

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. On Wednesday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

Yesterday's card was The Tower (Reversed). Here are Cheryl's comments from yesterday:
This morning I pulled Tarot cards for myself. The question I had was, how do I move through my self-imposed blocks in order to move in the direction of my dreams. I told the universe I felt like I have been holding myself captive and I want to know what I can do to move through this. One of the cards I pulled was, you guessed it, The Tower Card upright. The guidance that stood out most for me on this card as I read the book was, "Release from self-imposed beliefs." This was perfect seeing as how that was my question. However, it felt as though I was in a waiting position for this transformation or movement forward.

I left my cards and in a burst of insight, I simply told the universe I surrender and I am ready to move forward. I will simply follow the guidance I receive and in my heart, and at any moment when the fear or self-limiting thoughts show up I will ask for help from spirit and move them. I turned it over to Source and immediately felt relief. (I have to keep reminding myself to do this because it always works. ALWAYS!)

I felt compelled to check my emails and there you were with The Tower Card Reversed. As I read, I immediately knew the universe was letting me know, in my act of surrender I released my self-imposed captivity and I am allowing the transformation to happen.

I feel like I might be in between the tower up-right and the tower reversed, but now matter what forward progress is happening.

I just love how the universe flows so perfectly. With the simply choice to surrender and move forward I am already releasing myself from my own self-limiting garbage.

Thank God and Thank You!
I smiled when I shuffled the cards and drew the Two of Swords (reversed). It means exactly what you have outlined above and is therefore confirmation on your insights.

The Two of Swords card in its upright position indicates underlying tension about a decision that lies in front of you. As you can see in the picture, the Two of Swords shows a woman with swords crossing in front of her and a blindfold on. The Swords indicate conflict and mental thought and the blindfold shows that she wants to weigh matters impartially and cannot see which way to move forward. But how many more ways can you look at this decision?

The Two of Swords reversed (upside-down) highlights and confirms the exact things you talked about in your comment. Instead of trying to think your way through this (Swords = intellect/mental), you are willing to surrender and move forward, following the guidance in your heart.

The Two of Swords may also mean breaking some rules. Maybe you won't take the same path others have taken. Maybe there is a unique way you will move forward on your path. Part of the frustration for you has been that you want to see the map others have used along the way...but one does not exist. Each of us has a unique path to walk. We can ask others for assistance, but when it comes right down to it, we make our own map, step-by-step.

Today, do as the Two of Swords Reversed suggests -- consciously uncross your swords; lay them down and take off your blindfold. When you surrender, the answers are right in front of they have been the entire time. Your task now is to keep the blindfold off, quit thinking your way through decisions and trust yourself as you move forward, creating your own guide map.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- Tower (reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is The Tower (reversed). When I pulled this card, it reminded me of when I was going through my divorce and this card kept coming up. But then the card was in its upright position, which means the collapse of a structure, a way of life an awakening and a major transformation. Everything I thought I knew was being tested. It was tough, but it is also an invitation to see the world differently and gain insight.

Even the image on The Tower can be frightening. Bodies are flying out of a tower that is burning. Dark skies loom behind and there is an inevitable feeling of dread that the bodies will hit the ground and the structure will crumble. As I type this, it reminds me of what happened to the World Trade Center on 9/11.

But today The Tower is reversed, which means the transition has already begun to take place. It was a complete shock, but you are past the point of immobilization and fear and have started moving forward.

The instability you felt as the Tower crumbled was most likely in direct proportion to how much stock you put in the structures and beliefs you had in place. The more you depended on how you put your world together, the more disappointed you felt as you experienced this huge shift.

The Tower (reversed) indicates that the trauma is over and you have begun to move on. As you look back at the "mess," and can so clearly remember how bad it was (and possibly still is), what are some of the benefits of what has happened? No matter how bad it seems, take a moment now to come up with at least three benefits, even if one of them is the fact that it is over.

Stay focused on the positives as you move forward and remember that life is full of cycles. Move forward from here with an eager heart and know that "this too shall pass." You are stronger now and will gain even more compassion as you heal.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Fly Fishing

I have never tried fly-fishing, probably because I had never had or sought out the opportunity.

But on our recent vacation to beautiful, Park City, Utah, we had the opportunity to take a free one-hour fly-fishing class with one of the locals.

The weather was beautiful -- clear and warm. We were surrounded by mountains (as you can see from the photos).

We were given rods and shown how to cast it out with a rhythmic cadence. "Not too much wrist; moving your forearm up past your head to one o'clock." Over and over, it became somewhat of a mantra for my body... and I loved it!

In the photo above is me (the fisher-woman) and below it is my husband and one of my sons, R.

This, to me, was a Perfect Moment!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Words of Wisdom by Maya Angelou

One of the Wild Women of the Universe readers, Bonnie, sent this to me over the weekend. I thought it was so full of wisdom and inspiration that I wanted to share it with you.

In April, Maya Angelou was interviewed by Oprah on her 70+ birthday.. Oprah asked her what she thought of growing older.

And, there on television, she said it was 'exciting...' Regarding body changes, she said there were many, occurring every her breasts. They seem to be in a race to see which will reach her waist, first.

The audience laughed so hard they cried. She is such a simple and honest woman, with so much wisdom in her words!

Maya Angelou said this:
I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.

I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.

I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life.

I've learned that "making a living" is not the same thing as "making a life."

I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.

I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back...

**I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.

I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.

I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.

I've learned that I still have a lot to learn...

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
**I really liked this one (about making a decision with an open heart). When I tune in and listen with my heart, the answers are all right there.

Which one(s) hit home for you?

The painting above is by Cynthia Rose Young.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday On Wednesday -- High Priestess (reversed)

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. On Wednesday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

Yesterday's card was The Magician. Here are Jamie D's comments from yesterday:
When first reading about The Magician, I immediately think about the upcoming birth of our first child. Of course we are worried about rising to the challenge of parenting but lately my husband and I are each struggling with letting 'me' go and accepting that it is about our family now.

Hubby & I are both very organized - this can only help when the kid gets here! Hmm . . . I'll definitely think on this. Maybe I have more skills/talents than I give myself credit for.
The High Priestess is a card of tuning in to your intuitive voice. In its reversed position (upside-down), it can mean a couple of things.

First, (and this is what I find very interesting), a reversed card can mean to return to the previous tarot card in the deck to continue to learn the lessons there. The previous card is The Magician...which is the card we pulled for yesterday's Intuitive Tuesday.

By pulling The High Priestess in its reversed position, you are being asked to again read through, meditate and discover yet another layer of what tools and gifts you may be overlooking. What you mentioned yesterday as one of your gifts is a great start, but its time to dig deeper.

Jamie, you said you were very organized. From one organized person to another (I have a spreadsheet grocery list that matches the aisles in my grocery store!), being organized comes in very handy with kids.

What I believe The Magician is saying (and you alluded to it in your comment), is less tangible than that. It is something magical that both you and your husband have. More of each of you that will come out as you step into the role of parenting. These qualities may be in their infancy -- that is, they have not had the opportunity to come out -- but once you welcome this child into your life, you will find new tools that you didn't even know you had.

Here are some things to think about as you dig deeper...What lies beneath the surface most of the time that others notice but may not be able to name? Perhaps it is a developing gift -- something that you are just starting to notice and develop. It might be a value that you hold that will more fully develop as you add this new aspect into your life. Look beyond the obvious to find the important. Here is where your gifts will come out and shine!

Second, The High Priestess (reversed) might mean that you are not listening to intuitive messages you are receiving. It is a feeling of being out of touch. Do you find that you are looking outside of yourself or asking people around you for guidance, possibly not trusting what you know or shopping around to see what feels right to you?

If you tend to doubt yourself, one of the easiest ways to practice tuning in is to pretend that you are a gifted intuitive and psychic. Imagine being SO intuitive that people seek you out for guidance.

From this perspective, what guidance do you have in regards to your situation? Remember, you are VERY intuitive. What are the answers you have not been hearing? Tune in now and listen. Your High Priestess wants to give you the direction you seek.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday - The Magician

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is The Magician, which is the first Major Arcana card after The Fool card. As the Fool archetype, you set off on your journey, knowing that it's time to go, but not really sure where you are going or how you will get there.

The Magician emphasizes the need for you to see and recognize all of the tools and gifts YOU have to help you move forward.

As you can see from the card, as The Magician, you have the energy and magic of all four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles) and can use your wisdom to blend these ingredients to move forward on your path and manifest anything you desire.

You have the ability to achieve your goal and transform. The key is to realize you have everything you need and are motivated and determined to move forward. Feel this energy surge up through your being. Look around you and within you and be a witness to all of the power and energy you have at your disposal.

What expertise do you have that will help you to move forward? It may be something that you are really good at, but do not give yourself credit for. How can YOU be any better at this skill than others, when it is SO easy for you?

Because you are The Magician; you use your gifts wisely and actively, consciously take charge of your life, creating your own destiny.

The Magician is a very powerful card for you today. Pause right now and tune into your gifts. What are you naturally good at but perhaps overlook, not giving yourself enough credit?

Step into the energy of The Magician; use your resources, gifts and wisdom to create magic in your life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Hang on!

I didn't want to do it! The water looked and felt so cold when it splashed up on me as I sat in the boat.

Even though it was a beautiful day on the reservoir, and I loved feeling the warm breeze whip through my hair as we sailed along on the pontoon boat...I just didn't want the shock of getting into the water.

All three of my pre-teen and teenage sons jumped in easily and hoisted themselves up on the tube that was connected to our pontoon boat. Complete with life jackets and sunscreen, they gave us a nod, which meant, "hit it!"

We took it slow at first and then, once they got the feel of being pulled by the boat, they wanted to go faster. Their faces showed their excitement as we pulled them through the wakes.

My sister and DH also got in with one of the younger boys, giving them a thrilling, but very safe ride.

After lunch it was my turn. My niece, Tessa, had very sweetly asked if Aunt Sheri would take her on the tube. That meant I had to get in.

After the initial shock, the water was tolerable. And once we got up on the tube and started out, we too wanted to go faster and faster.

Tessa laughed, giggled and screamed, "faster, faster!" We decided we were the "Lake Goddesses."

As soon as we got back in the boat and our suits were completely dry, Tessa looked at me again and said, "Can we do it again, Aunt Sheri?" And so we did.

Another Perfect Moment!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday on Wednesday -- 10 of Cups (reversed)

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. On Wednesday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

Yesterday's card was The Fool (reversed). Here are Rhonda's Voice's comments from yesterday:
Wow! Sheri, I think you have hit the nail on the head with this weeks card. Not only I, but many folks in my life feel like they are walking thru mud. The me that is "for now" ~ Car accident - neck injury which requires surgery; loss of my job; car broken down; pregnant adult daughter moved home.....whew! Talk about fear of the unknown! But, the me that is "Forever" ~ beautiful healthy family; wonderful man; caring friends; new home studio; creative mind; promising career; happy pets; and the list goes on. Thanks for the reminder to move on with the good "forever" stuff. The "for now" stuff will soon be "forgotten". I'm going to trust my doctors, I'm going to have faith that the Universe will provide for me, I'm going to give more hugs and call more friends. I'm going to breathe. I'm going to do something creative. Maybe a new painting for a new beginning. Tomorrow is a new day. Have a vocal one!
The Ten of Cups (reversed) symbolizes discontent, disrupted joy and/or family life. Since Cups is about your emotions, it also shows how impacted your emotions are right now.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the things that are happening. As you pointed out in your comment, the key is that this is happening right now, but it is just a stage in a larger cycle. Good for you for keeping that in mind.

Each of the situations you mentioned above would be cause for concern. With all of them piled on top of each other, you may feel as if it's reached a ridiculous though you are turning up your hands, kneeling down and saying, "Thy will be done..." knowing that we humans have no idea how powerful the larger scheme is.

I feel a sadness and disappointment with where things are. Have you thought to yourself, "I thought I was doing what you wanted and now this...and this...and this are happening. I don't get it."

The Ten of Cups (reversed) is here to help you see and feel what's surrounding you now and it invites you to broaden your scope even further to see a wider view. Think of Googlemaps and the tool that allows you to zoom in and out. Your "now" stuff is the up close. Zoom out a bit more to see more landscape, landmarks, etc. This will help you to continue to gain perspective.

Find a symbol, a word, or a tarot card of your own, that reminds you to stay focused on the wider world. Look at each situation symbolically. What's here for you to learn and experience now...and now...and now?

As you said in your comment, the universe will provide for you, but remember, with our human viewpoint, sometimes we don't have the capacity to see how it is all in order. Give it time and have patience. You will walk through this storm and any other stumbling blocks with divine sight. All truly is in order!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- The Fool Reversed

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is The Fool (reversed). The Fool is the first card of the tarot deck and the first of the Major Arcana cards, which indicate spiritual and life lessons, as opposed to the Minor Arcana cards which are more day-to-day, situational lessons.

In its upright position, The Fool indicates the start of a new journey, learning new things, innocence or inexperience. It's that feeling you get when you are just about to start a new project and are full of excitement but really have no idea what to expect.

In its reversed position (drawn from the deck upside down), it can mean that you have a fear of the unknown. You know you need to move forward, but are hesitant or scared to take your first step. This may leave you feeling afraid to try new things.

The Fool reversed also warns of taking excessive risks and encourages you to carefully consider the situation before you step forward. Do a gut check to see what's real and what's not -- including your fears, the people involved and their motivations, etc. This serves as a "pause" before you move forward too quickly and possibly regret your hastiness.

This can show up in many situations in your life -- relationships, career, finances, etc. You probably have a good idea exactly what area of your life this message is pointing to.

Hear the "pause" message that is available for you now; take time to reflect and tune in, but don't get paralyzed or stuck not moving at all for fear of making the "wrong" move. Instead, brainstorm options that are available to you now. When you feel you are done with your list of ideas, push yourself to come up with at least two more viable options. You may be surprised at your own creativity.

Then take one baby step forward -- so small that others may not even know that you've taken it. Then re-assess and take another one and another, until you are on the road again.

Do this right now while you are thinking about it so you create movement in your life. This is important to you and the sooner you get moving, the better.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Olympic Ski Jumping

Our vacation last week holds a lot of Perfect Moments. I'll share them with you over the next couple of weeks.

This year's vacation was to include the entire family to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

At the start of our trip, we went to Olympic Park near Park City, Utah to watch an exhibition for freestyle skiers. During the summer, the athletes practice down ramps covered with an astro-turf type material, sprayed with water. To help pad the landings, they land in a pool with bubbles aerating the water. Check out this video for an example of how it works.

My DH and three sons and my younger sister all signed up for a freestyle skiing camp. They warmed up with various activities like walking a balance beam, getting suited in wetsuits, skiing down a hill, jumping off a small tramp into the water, and then progressing to a practice ramp into the water.

Even though it was scary, they all did it several times and really had a great time (even DH and sis). One of the things the safety video mentioned and the instructors reinforced was that an athlete would need to do a jump-turn to take the skier from perpendicular skies on the hill to point them downhill...if they wanted to progress to the steeper, longer ramp.

My middle son, B, (one of the twins), kept talking about it and trying his jump turn. Finally he got it and asked the instructors if he could go on the big hill (the next step up).

I jumped up from my chair as I watched him climb the stairs up about 200 feet to the steep ramp. He positioned himself perpendicular to the hill and looked down at the ramp. From his vantage point, I imagine it looked like a steep hill with a ramp off the end, into a large pool.

To get an idea of how steep it is, check out the ramp on the far right in the picture above.

Three-two-one-jump...and off he flew down the hill, straightening his skies and flying off the end of the ramp. Amazing!!! He did it...not just once or twice, but three times. Here's what it looked like from my vantage point:
What you don't get with the still photos is his mother (me) yelling, screaming and whistling to let him know how proud I am of him!

I am proud of all of my family athletes, DH, sis and my three boys. Awesome!

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