Monday, July 30, 2007

Wild Women of the Universe Story

The Wild Women of the Universe began in 2004 when I was getting married for the second (and last :)) time.

One of my dear friends offered to host a bridal shower for me> I was excited, but said that I didn't want to have any of those stupid games. Having just read the book, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant (link included below), I had a different idea.

In the book, Diamant described a time when the women of the village would congregate in the "red" tent -- once a month, for births and other female rites of passage, to be with the other women and away from the men. The idea for the bridal party was to gather my "female" energy around me to recognize, celebrate and mark my transition from being single to being married.

That night nine of my close friends gathered for what was to be one of the most spiritual evenings of my life. At the end of the evening as we were standing in a circle around a candle altar, we each gave thanks for our time together and they shared their blessings and prayers for my new life.

We hugged and agreed that we needed to do this more often. In our busy world, our sense of belonging to a tribe and especially connecting with our female energy gets lost...and yet is SO needed.

The group grew from there. Each month we gathered and more and more women would attend. It seems the word spread that the Wild Women was a place to come, share and connect with other spiritual women.

The blog began as a way to stay connected even as we all continue to be very busy.

Please join us, connect with our energy and enjoy your celebration of being a Wild Woman of the Universe!

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