Thursday, November 22, 2007

Surprisingly Intuitive

I recently met a woman -- I'll call her Bette -- who insisted she had no intuitive abilities at all. In fact, she was skeptical about the entire phenomenon.

I got to know Bette and a few other attendees at a weekend conference during dinner one evening. Bette seemed to be a straight-forward, fairly mainstream, no B.S. type of person. As Tamra and I talked about intuition, energy, etc., I felt Bette's energy shift. She was uncomfortable but curious.

As we ended the meal, Cole offered to buy mine in exchange for a tarot card reading. Since I didn't have my cards, Tamra encouraged me to just let the intuitive energy I did. I looked at Cole and told him the intuitive insights that were coming to me. I was picking up on a business venture he and his wife were pursuing, described his personality, and even told him about some new discoveries he was experiencing on his own personal journey. He confirmed the information I was getting -- and he said it was very helpful to him.

Bette sat in amazement, and somewhat in awe of what had happened. Then her curiosity got the better of her. "Can you do a reading for me?" And so I did. I looked at her and got images of a deep loss she had experienced in her early teen years. The grief she had experienced had caused her to build a wall of armor that has protected her ever since, but it also kept her from fully welcoming people into her life. I saw her walking for exercise and picked up on her feelings for the people in her life. Her amazement and curiosity turned into excitement. "How do you do that?"

I told her that she had the ability to do this too, but her skepticism remained. I encouraged her to look at Tamra and express any intuitive impressions that came to her. I explained that usually the intuition is right on; it's our interpretation that might be off. As she relaxed into it, the information began to flow. It was right on and Bette was amazed. When she got the name of an important man in Tamra's life and it was confirmed, her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Her entire energy had shifted as though a new door had opened.

Bette and I have emailed since then and she has been aware of the intuitive insights that are coming to her. But she also realizes that she has had this ability all along. It's like in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy realizes that she'd always had the power to click her ruby red slippers and return home.

Bette requested some books to help open her intuition, but the real shift came when she opened her energy to her gifts, and began to listen to her intuitive voice.

If you are curious about your own intuition, begin now to realize the intuitive impressions that come to you all of the time. The phone rings and you sense who it is. You are busy working and creative thoughts and images come to you. Recognizing, welcoming and trusting these images will become easier the more you play with it.

Challenge yourself to move forward with this energy. Notice when it happens. Journal about it and then read back and confirm it. It is stronger than you realize and will help to guide you in your life.


Dana said...


I saw that you shared some similar interests as me, and thought you would be interested in my blog dedicated to women's health and fitness.

Anyway, I hope to see you reading soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Dana

Lori Lavender Luz said...

My problem is that I interpret as I read. Once "I" am in the picture, the reading loses its integrity.

Any hints on turning off the Interpreter, the Editor?

Sheri said...

Dana -- thanks for visiting my blog. I'll wander over to yours and check it out.

Lori -- Interesting question about being intuitive when it's about yourself. The best way to get clear energy is to remove yourself and your energy (as much as possible) from the sitution you are asking about. I'll give some tips for this in an upcoming post.

Anonymous said...

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