Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can You Be A Christian and Read Tarot Cards?

I gave a presentation the other day called, "I Knew It!" The content focused on learning about the right and left brain and how to tap into your intuitive voice. The women loved the information, enjoyed the exercises on how to switch sides of your brain and especially on how to trust and tap into their own intuition.

This was a group of mainstream professionals, but I had been given creative latitude for my 90-minute presentation. They had contracted with me to do an interesting, entertaining presentation that the women would enjoy and give them skills they could use in their everyday lives. Although the presentation was fairly mainstream, some of the exercise materials I had them use included Oracle and Tarot cards, among more neutral magazine print outs and polished rocks.

In addition, the women could see in the conference program that I was also one of four "readers" who would join them as part of the evening activities. Ten minute readings would be available and included a tarot card reader (me), a palm reader, a face reader and an expert handwriting analyst. What a great evening! I read cards for 2 1/2 hours and when I left, I still had six people in line waiting for a reading.

A Question About Mixing Tarot and Christianity
During my morning presentation, one woman said she gained a lot of information from the exercises, but did not like or believe in tarot cards. She explained that she was a Christian and thought the cards were dark and scary.

I acknowledged her feelings and even related how I had felt the same way in the beginning. But as I was around the cards more often, I had become more comfortable with them and how they related to my Christian beliefs.

Then someone asked me directly how I integrated tarot cards with my Christian background. I had never really answered this question, especially in front of a group, but answer I did.

I explained that I was raised a Christian and had a great upbringing in the Lutheran church. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and I believe that they bring into our lives different ways to bring in love and light. I look at my tarot cards this way and in every reading I have ever done, I believe it was done in light. Just as guns and knives can be protective tools or weapons that can kill, it depends on the intent of the user. It is the same with divination tools.

Several people in the audience thanked me for my response and my openness. Even though I was put on the spot, after further reflection, I wouldn't change my answer. I still believe the work I do through tarot cards is from the light, and my intuitive voice is one of the many blessings God has given me to use to help me fulfill my purpose here on earth -- and help others. I believe as long as my intentions are good, I will continue to be able to serve in this manner. I thank God for this opportunity and for these gifts.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Good responses.

I, too, see that Paul (I think) taught of the "Body of Christ" and Jesus taught "do unto others." The underlying message is that we are all one.

So reading is just being in tune with all that you already are.

Ailey said...

I'm very excited to have found your blog and your answer to the question can you be a christian and read tarot cards? You didn't say anything that I hadn' already thought myself but reading it validated my feeling on the subject. I applaud your courage to be a Christian who reads tarot cards and be open about it. You are probably somewhat unique but know there are others(i'm the only one i know of besides you so far) out there who share your belief. I'm glad to have found your blog. I'll be back again to read more.

Anonymous said...

wow, very nice blog. nice to meet you here!

Anonymous said...

What if you were to use the Tarot cards more as a way of perceiving a problem or obstacle differently?

I am being assigned to a position I don't particularly care for (after requesting assignment to a different area with valid reasons) and the Tarot cards suggested a different way to approach this position---less as a way of self-fulfillment but more as a means to empower others (which I hadn't thought of, but might have, given enough time).

It's not that I consider these "tools of the Devil", but more of a way to "mull" things over and to see different perspectives to issues and concerns.

D Goska said...

Hi, I came across your page while posting my own thoughts about Christians and tarot cards. If you care to, have a look:

Anonymous said...

I am also a Christian and was wondering if my gift for reading was wrong or not, when I found this blog. I've been very conflicted about it. I'd like to find some scriptures in the bible that support or go against it. I view it as a gift of prophecy, and I am not a "witch". I've always been a very sensitive person when it comes to spirituality.