Saturday, December 13, 2008

Group Intuition

I just completed six sessions with the second of my Intuition Through Tarot Study Groups. I designed this group after several people had asked for instruction on how to use tarot cards.

Several of the women had their own deck of cards, but had no idea how to use them. Others gained information on how to select their own deck of cards and develop their intuitive abilities.

Each month we met for a long lunch (2+ hours) to learn about and play with the tarot cards. Over the six months, I was amazed at how much the women learned about their intuition, their cards and about each other.

By our sixth meeting, it had morphed into a group coaching session where we played with intuitive exercises to find clarity in the situations each of us faced. By giving intuitive impressions and pulling cards, it was amazing how much we each had to offer and gain.

The group wants to continue...and I have plenty of materials to do so. Plus, this combines so well with the coaching work I do.

Now my quest is to determine what to do with the materials I created for this class. It includes everything from learning the suits, court cards and major arcana cards, to describing how to do several spreads. Should I publish this tarot learning system online? Hold another Intuition Through Tarot Group? Post information about learning tarot on my blog? All of the above?

I guess I'll pull out my personal tarot deck and's one of the best ways I've found to gain clarity.

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I would love to take this online class from you. I'll post on my blog if you go this route.

Beautiful picture!