Friday, July 24, 2009

My MasterMind Group

One of my good friends invited me to create a MasterMind group with her a couple of months ago. "What is a MasterMind Group?" you may be asking yourself. It is based on the work of Napoleon Hill who wrote the book, Think and Grow Rich.

My MasterMind group is made up of three wonderful women who are striving to co-create their lives and live with purpose.

One of the first tasks for me has been to clarify my Definite Purpose in life and my Definite Chief Aim in life. This is a very powerful and ever-evolving exercise. I read it every day and focus on what I want to manifest.

When was the last time you defined and focused on your life purpose?

In reading, Think and Grow Rich, and working with the MasterMind Principles, I feel as though Napoleon Hill was in alignment with the Law of Attraction. That is, the more specific you are with who you are, what your purpose is and what you want to bring about in your life, the more likely it is to manifest or show up.

I have been witness to this in many areas of my life including my career, my husband/life partner, my family, and in all areas of my life. It is such a powerful feeling to know that I am bringing this forth in my life.

One philosophy that my MasterMind Group is contemplating right now is how to balance focusing on what you want to manifest and having the faith to allow what will be. I'll let you know more about that delicate balance as we proceed forward.

I encourage you to read Hill's book and study his concepts. Several other authors have come at this from different perspectives including:
Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success--and Won't Let You Fail, by Keith Ferrazi. I listened to a telephone conference featuring this recently released book and it sounds very similar. You select a couple of "life line" friends to support you and watch your back.

Ask and It Is Giving: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I've read this book several times and done some of the exercises which helped me to realize how powerful we are and how to manifest things in our lives.
I've included some information my friend sent me on MasterMind Groups (which were reprinted from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) if you are interested in learning more:
The MasterMind principles encourage you to connect with others in the MasterMind Process, which may be, "likened to the act of one who connects many batteries to a single transmission wire, thereby 'stepping up' the power flowing over that line. Each mind, through the principle of mind chemistry, stimulates all the other minds in the group, until the mind energy becomes so great that it penetrates to, and connects with, the universal energy, which in turn, touches every atom of the entire universe." Wow!

A MasterMind Manifesting group is a unique group of people utilizing the MasterMind principles for achieving business and personal goals.

MasterMind Principles include:

We live in an awesome, wondrous, orderly universe; the laws of which are carried out with exquisite precision. The MasterMind is the Power Source that created and directs this incredible universe.

Every person is a personalized expression of the MasterMind, and therefore has the innate ability to tap into its power, genius and wisdom.

The MasterMind steps are a scientific method of focusing the power of thought for the specific purpose of establishing a direct connection with the MasterMind. As a result, thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced happy, successful lives.

Through the MasterMind process, you combine your own strength with that of at least one other person, as well as that of the MasterMind. This principle is based on the premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded individuals are many more times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved.

Happiness is found in lending, doing, helping other members in your group achieve their goals, not merely possessing the information about goal achieving. The "WIN-WIN" attitude is key to a successful Master Mind group: If I help you win, I win, too.

The MasterMind principles also teach that other like-minded individuals can believe for you, and accept as true for you, things you may find difficult to conceive or believe for yourself.
If you are interested in gaining more information about MasterMind groups, check out Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich or send me an email and I'll send you some Word documents to help you begin your study. is an amazing process!

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I know it's really working for you.

I, too, have wonderful women in my life who live their lives with purpose. You know them well :-)