Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday -- Eight of Cups

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life and ask, "What messages are here for you?"

This week's card is the Eight of Cups from the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore.

The Eight of Cups is a card of emotionally moving away from something or someone that no longer fits. It could also indicate that there is something missing in our current lives.

There is a feeling of sadness and longing with the Eight of Cups, as though you realize that something isn't right and even though you may be comfortable (but not necessarily happy), you know that it's time to move on. Maybe you've recently become aware of a feeling of dissatisfaction and have had a change of heart.

The Eight of Cups invites you to look at what emotionally needs to be left behind...in order for you to continue growing. And perhaps underneath it all is an invitation to search for a deeper spiritual connection, no matter what situation or relationship you are in.

An AHA Moment:

I originally thought reading tarot cards was a way to predict the future. At first it was a cool party trick to help tap into what was happening and let them know what the cards said about what was most likely to happen.

Then I stepped into a deeper, more meaningful aspect of the cards -- helping people peel through the layers of situations and their emotions to better see and understand what's happening in their lives AND how their thoughts and beliefs create their life situations (which gives them great power).

Now I understand that tarot can help do both of these things -- predict the future and help gain understanding -- but perhaps even more powerful is the way tarot can be used as a meditation tool to tap into what you know.

Even if you don't regularly practice meditation, you can still use tarot cards as a way to take a pause in the action to see what's happening for you, to determine how you feel and for intuitive insights as to how to move forward.

Here are some questions to ponder surrounding the Eight of Cups. Don't feel you have to answer all of them. As you read through them, your intuition will emphasize the questions that are most important to you right now. See what's here for you --
  • What does the Eight of Cups mean for you? 
  • What are you emotionally moving away from and how does that feel? 
  • How does moving away impact you and your life? 
  • Where else should you be directing your energies? 
  • By walking away, what else are you making room for in your life?
I'll post a personal example of how the Eight of Cups dynamic is playing out in my life, later this week. Stay tuned!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Someone I know is enduring a major health event. As I empathize with her, I am finding clarity in what my life means and what I choose to fill it with. And thus, what I want to empty if of.

Can't wait for your next post!

Furrow said...

The only thing that feels missing right now is my second baby girl, and I know she'll be here soon enough (any day now!). This card is actually a tough one for me because I only feel like there's something to gain right now, not anything to lose. Now ask me this a couple of weeks postpartum, and I'm sure I'll have plenty to miss: sleep, freedom, sanity. Oy, I don't want to think about this right now!

Okay, trying again... I have been focusing very strongly on having a different postpartum experience this time. I want to let go of the need to control everything this time. I think that will make me a much happier mama.