Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intuitive Tuesday -- Today is 1/11/11

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life and ask, "What messages are here for me ?"

As I shuffled the cards today, I realized that today's date is 1/11/11. Knowing that some of the roots of tarot cards' meanings come from numerology, I thought it would be interesting to look into the meaning of ONES and ELEVENS.

According to The Skeptic's Dictionary, "Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life."

Wikipedia explains, "Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things."

Each number is associated with certain traits and energies. Wikipedia lists these as:
  1. Individual. Aggressor. Yang.
  2. Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.
  3. Communication/interaction. Neutrality.
  4. Creation.
  5. Action. Restlessness.
  6. Reaction/flux. Responsibility.
  7. Thought/consciousness.
  8. Power/sacrifice.
  9. Highest level of change.
Since ONE is the focus of today, I thought I'd look more deeply into the Aces of the tarot deck and see what influence this energy has on you today, this week, this year and this lifetime.

According to Tarot: Plain and Simple, by Anthony Louis, Aces in the deck symbolize, "Seeds, new beginnings, the creative principle. The start of anything...New projects or ventures. Fresh ideas. New challenges, Initiation...Innovation. Inspiration. Vitality. Potential. Leadership..." (page 121)

Louis continues, "One is a number of the start of a cycle, of singularity, initiation, fresh action, originality, progress, ambition, courage, exciting change, new beginnings, planting seeds, the start of an enterprise, having babies, new ventures, inner strength, etc..." (page 308)

You get the idea. Ones symbolize the start of something new. Then spread this across the meaning of each of the suits, and you can see how this impacts several if not all areas of your life:
    • Wands (energy, creativity and action) (Ace of Wands)
    • Swords (mental energy, intellect, thoughts and conflict)
    • Cups (emotions and feelings) (Ace of Cups)
    • Pentacles (resources, earthly, materialistic, business)
          Note: I have provided links to the Aces if a previous post exists.

    Another number is prevalent today, and that is the number 11. According to Louis, "Eleven is a master number symbolizing insight, spiritual understanding, inspiration, awareness, revelation, illumination, intuition, creativity, idealism, teaching, wisdom, compassion and enlightenment. In numerology 11 reduces to 1 + 1 = 2., and master number 11 is a higher octave of two." (page 312)

    "Two is a number of balance, choice, harmony, moderation, pairs of opposites, duality, polarity, partnership, friendship, relationships, etc..." (page 309).

    For me today's date, 1/11/11, is full of new beginnings, trying new things, adventure, initiating new projects, and sharing my growth and insights with someone close to me, my husband, Tom. This year promises to be one of change and growth for us, and the energy of today not only enhances that intuitive feeling, but helps me to know that I am Divinely supported and blessed as we move through these changes together.

    With these insights, what does the date 1/11/11 mean for you?


      Anonymous said...

      This all makes me feel GREAT!!! Today is my 25th.bday on 1-11-11 so I feel that this is going to be my year!!!!

      Anonymous said...

      Today is my 48th bday and I hope this means it will be a great year. It is starting off very well for me. DSH

      Anonymous said...

      Todays date to me is amazing as well. I'm looking forward to 11/11/11. Eleven seems to be my number, I've always used 9 as my number when I was a kid. But for the past 10 or so years I ALWAYS, see the number 11. on tv, the clock, 11:11, the cross walk sign count down of when not to walk, I open pages to the 11th one without even looking and, get this, without even realizing it until two months after moving into a new house, I lived on the 11th street from the main intersection and the 11th house on my road. All the time I see this. Can you assist in books or anything that will giude this correctly.

      Anonymous said...


      Anonymous said...

      This is WONDERFUL. Today is my 35th Birthday, and 11 has ALWAYS been a significant number for me. This particular day/birthday, makes me feel extra special because of the numeric meaning as well as the personal meaning. Incidentally, my oldest son was supposed to be born on 11/11, he wasn't, he was born @ 10:25 PM on 10/25, he is very unique!

      Anonymous said...

      It's my bday too! And like the other posters, I think that this is going to be a wonderful year and even a wonderful decade! And what's even more awesome is that when i looked at my phone today, it said 1/11/11 and it was 1:11pm. :)

      Anonymous said...

      This date in 2009, my eldest daughter passed from this life to a higher life. A new life, a new beginning, her first (#1) day with our Lord.


      Anonymous said...

      It is going to be an awesome year. A year of great harvest for those of us who worked hard and stayed the course of truth and justice.

      Anonymous said...

      Today is my 32nd birthday and I just found out that I am expecting my first child. This year has been exciting and full of positive change so far and it is just the begining. I am so excited and very blessed!

      Anonymous said...

      Today is very significant for me...my only child was born on 01/11/01 and he turns 10 today, 01/11/11.

      Anonymous said...

      I didn't really think about it, but this morning I felt different, just like you said, a new beginning. Get this, without realizing it, my wife and I scheduled our weddding on 11-11-00, so our 11th anniversary is 11-11-11. Very cool.

      Anonymous said...

      Today is my sister's birthday and I want to say I LOVE HER VERY MUCH. Although she lives in another state, my thoughts of her each day.

      Anonymous said...

      Today is my sister's birthday and I want to say I LOVE HER VERY MUCH. Although she lives in another state, my thoughts are of her each day.

      I love you, Kat; and Phillip, Carey & Alis.

      Phoebe said...

      I woke up feeling good today, and I did notice the numbers on the date. I got married on an 11 day too, in June! Never really thought about numbers much. I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that I'm ready for something new in 2011.

      Anonymous said...

      Today is the last day of an era for me as it is the last day I will be 61 years old, for tomorrow the 12th I will be 62 and social security eligible. Not that I am retiring, but its a milestone event nonetheless!

      Lori Lavender Luz said...

      For some reason, Three Dog Night's (and then Aimee Mann's) "One is the Loneliest Number" is going through my head.

      But really, I like 1. I like 11, too. So this is an auspicious day. I'm working on a bunch of project and taking care of things. Solo but supported.

      Thanks for the good info!

      gifted said...

      My 17yr old daughter was consistly seeing the number 11. Ironically she passed on Dec.11, 2005 from injuries due to a car accident. In the early days of my grief I soooo feared the number 11. Five years later I see 11 as rebirth. She shed her body and was reborned into a new life. I shed my old beliefs and was reborned to whole new world. I feel restless and full of anticipation of what this year brings.

      Anonymous said...

      Today is my daugher's, my 1st born, birthday. She is 11 on the 11th.

      Anonymous said...

      For the last couple years when i look at the clock, i manage to catch it always on 11:11 or 11:22, 12:22 and so on. When i see these numbers i feel something different w/in me. This year started better for us and it felt more positive than last. I hope my intuitions are correct!

      Anonymous said...


      Great blog and great insight into numerology and into the significance of 1/11/11. Congrats on going viral!


      Anonymous said...

      Today would have been my sister's 65th birthday, she passed away in 2003. Miss you Maria.
      Love, T

      Kristin said...

      You know, I love reading these posts because they always make me think.

      Tami said...

      I don't celebrate a birthday or anniversary on this day, but you are right on about ones being about new beginnings. I love that I am Divinely supported and blessed as we move through these changes together. I'm so lucky to have you, Sheri (and that LavLuz chic who lurks around here)!