Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Intuitive Tuesday -- Four of Cups (Reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life and ask, "What messages are here for me ?"

As I shuffled the cards to select this week's Intuitive Tuesday tarot card, I said, "Tell me what messages I need to bring to my readers this week."  I selected the Four of Cups (reversed) from the Gateway to the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti. Since I've recently selected this card, I pulled a second card for more clarification, The Devil (reversed).

From the previous posts on these cards, here is some of the key information on the Four of Cups (reversed):
In its reversed position (upside-down), instead of feeling discontent, this card symbolizes the end of feeling discontent, re-connecting with others, renewing relationships and having a new readiness for upcoming challenges and opportunities. With this card, you may feel both stable (symbolized by the four) and emotionally (Cups) energized and can see (and are thankful for) all of the blessings and opportunities around you.
And here is the key information on The Devil (reversed) and also covered here:
In its reversed position, The Devil means that you are moving from this perspective (feeling blocked), although some of the feelings of anger, depression and sadness may still linger. This is your opportunity to take control of your thoughts and not slip into the old (self-imposed) trap of being stuck (The Devil).
The Devil reversed indicates that you have the faith and courage to take one step forward. This step will lead to the next and to the next, until you look up and are free from the chains that you imagined around your neck. You are free to continue on your path. 
If you've recently felt emotionally disconnected or discontent, your heart may be opening. Others may be reaching out to you, or possibly you are reaching out to them. Something that has kept you stuck emotionally is loosening to allow your energy and emotions to flow more freely. Even if it's only a little bit, there has been some movement.

The image that comes to mind is a clogged sink. You know how frustrating it can be when the water begins to back-up and nothing is moving.

By using a plunger, you press through the clog (stuck emotions), clearing out the old, blocked debris, and make way for the fresh water to flow through.

The feeling of the Four of Cups (reversed) and The Devil (reversed), is like an emotional plunger. No matter how it happened, your knotted emotions are unraveling, and fresh new emotions are flowing through. What a relief!

What emotional blocks have you recently moved through...and what obstacles still remain? Perhaps your job today is to get out the emotional plunger and forge your way ahead.

As a wise person once told me: "Feel what you feel; deal with what you feel...and then the healing can begin."


Barbara Graver said...

Interesting take on the 4 of Cups! I associate the 4 very strongly with spirit (please see my recent post http://themysticreview.blogspot.com/2011/03/spotlight-on-4-of-cups-connection.html if interested)but I like what you have to say about emotion. Spirit is love and love is emotions so it all fits! Thanks for the interesting post.

suzicremecheeze said...

Ah yes...could these cards have to do with the emotions I have been dealing with since the surgery I had on 22 February?? Methinks perhaps they do... Perfect cards once again. Thank you Sheri...

L said...

How the two card are telling the truth! My spiritual teacher was just saying about the water/plunger bit last night. Funny how this has repeated...

This week I been feeling a bit sluggish and bit emotional especially today. Been keeping a positive outlook been still a few lingering emotions that trying to push out. (Normally, I don't show them).