Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intuitive Tuesday -- The Hanging Man (Reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

As I shuffled the cards to select this week's Intuitive Tuesday tarot card, I said, "Tell me what messages I need to bring to my readers this week."  I selected The Hanging Man (reversed) from the Gateway to the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti.

I have covered The Hanging Man is its upright position. Click here to check it out. Some key phrases from that post include:
The Hanging Man card encourages you to suspend activity and look at your life and various situations in your life from an entirely new perspective. Turn things upside down and see what's there for you from this new perspective.
When reversed (selected in its upside-down position), the meaning of The Hanging Man (Reversed)  can become blocked or delayed. It can symbolized making a bad decision, dissatisfaction or depression...possibly feeling stuck in the status quo. You may feel as though you have only one course of action...and that feeling of being stuck or limited may lead to inaction.

If you've been facing a challenging situation, perhaps an easy way to understand the message of today's card is with an analogy.

Pretend that the situation/decision you have been facing is a large mud pit. You think that the answer you seek is in the mud pit and you are determined to find that answer.

Not immediately seeing your answer, you decide to step in, get your feet muddy and look around...but still you can't find your answer. So you go to your hands and knees, thinking that you may be able to feel the solution better with your hands. Still no answers.

After exploring your way through the entire mud pit, you now have mud up to your thighs and elbows...but still no answers. Pretty soon you are completely covered with mud, digging deeper, sloshing around in the cool, wet mud. And even though you are muddy...still no more clarity than before.

The more you dig, the more immersed in the mud you get. Now what?

When you feel stuck (in the mud), the advice of The Hanging Man (Reversed) is...to get out of the mud. Rinse and dry yourself off and find a different way to approach the situation -- EVEN (and especially)  if that means hanging around waiting for spiritual enlightenment or intuitive direction (the message of The Hanging Man).

The voice inside your head may have just said, "Don't DO anything? Are you crazy? We have to do something to solve this problem!"

The Hanging Man Reversed is here to suggest that you don't have to solve this problem right now (even though you want the peace of mind that goes with finding a solution). In fact, you may not have the right information to solve the problem or make the decision. Perhaps key pieces will unfold as you move forward...but you MUST get out of the mud pit to move forward.

The message of today's card is to quit trying so hard to solve the problem or find a solution and simply allow the answers to present themselves.

Much easier said than done, I know. How do I know? Because I am dealing with a situation just like this and I've been getting pretty messy in my mud pit.  No need for details...just know that it's frustrating and I'm tired of being in the mud!!!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been dealing with this situation and the message I keep receiving is to:
In other words, quit trying so hard (i.e. thrashing around in the mud!)

Before I did my meditation this morning, I picked up the book, "Oneness," as received and transcribed by Rasha. I asked for guidance and opened the book to the page with the following words underlined (from when I previously read the book):
When one's energies are attuned to the high resonance, one is able to sense with ease the direction in which the current is moving, and one is able to be carried by the momentum of that energy and manifest outcomes that are harmonious. When one attempts to defy a situation by meeting adversity head-on, one disrupts the momentum and manifests results that are less desirable. Conflict can be circumvented simply by allowing it to pass without becoming ensnared in its grasp. (LET GO).
When your energies are at a low ebb and you are experiencing resistance, it is a time to pull inward and not to escalate adversity by directly confronting those circumstances. (RELEASE).
Non-attachment to outcome further enhances one's ability to realize an elevated result. When one's approach to living is one of trusting that the highest possible outcome will be forthcoming, that is one's experience of life.  (HAVE FAITH)
The destination is pre-determined. And your course is set. You will arrive at that destination right on schedule. It cannot be otherwise. (TRUST)
Found on pages 94-96.
I opened yet another book, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, and found a great passage (full of guidance and direction) that ended with the statement:
The answer, the strength, the right action or the resource will be there when you need it, not before, not after.  (page 71)

OK. I get it. The message from today's Intuitive Tuesday card, The Hanging Man (Reversed), is once again...right on.

What is your message today...and more importantly, what are you going to DO (or NOT do) about it?


Tracy said...

ok ok ok ok ok... oy
At this moment, my entire world is upended and I'm being forced to let go of any and all expectation. Restoring order has become a walking mediation and I find I still don't do "yield" very well. At all... but this just tells me to stay in the flow and really the resolution already is.
It does make me wonder why we do so love the mud. It's not even fun. Did I already oy?

Kaleene said...

Mud.... yeah! I have been totally feeling like I have been in the mud and getting deeper and deeper without resolution. This week is the first time in awhile I feel that I have truly grown as person because I am finally letting go and no longer pushing or trying to force something to happen the way I think it should when in fact, I am realizing that once I stop pushing, I feel more whole and trust that the right situtation can present itself to me. ah.... what I free feeling. Although, I have alway liked playing in the real thing, mud that its; soft and cooling and how refreshing it feels to wash it off. It is now time to "wash off the mud" in my life. :)