Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boys Wearing Bracelets?

The other night, one of my thirteen year old boys, Ryan, came home with a new bracelet.

Why would a boy be wearing a bracelet?

You can't see the entire bracelet in the photo, but perhaps you've seen this bracelet dedicated to raising awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness.

I laughed and asked him, "Ryan, when did you become so philanthropic?"

I love raising these boys! It keeps me guessing...and laughing (most of the time)!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Too funny!

I suppose he'll start wearing pink, too?

Kristin said...

That is funny! Maybe he needs a "Save the Ta-Tas" shirt to go with that bracelet?

Bonnie said...

How funny.. my 12 yr old keeps me guessing too!

Anonymous said...

" define everything to death..
...I'm rubber you're glue...
...Who defines your identity?
...Redefine your identity..."

-Blackhearts InnL

You can't look at kids the way you look at grown-ups.
Adults like to say kids only see them as a "finished product" but that's because Adults see Each other and Themselves as Defined.

Kids have character, likes, dislikes and growth because we face constant and a lot more internal challenges than material or societal.

So we keep it simple. One, we can get away with wearing something that says "boobies"; two, we can be anti-cancer, doesn't matter what kind if it's not gross; three, jewelry is pretty normal if we decide to wear some, unless we're doing it to be a poseur.

Have fun being moms n.n!