Friday, May 28, 2010

Gaining Insights from Face-Reading

My friend, Laura Rose, is a face-reader. When I first heard this, I thought she could look at your expressions and tell you what you were thinking, feeling, etc.

But it's not the facial expressions she is analyzing; it is your bone structure, how your features (eyes, ears, nose, cheekbones, etc.) sit in relation to one another. And the information she can tell you about you and your personality are amazing! I know because I had her do a complete face-reading session for me and have witnessed her doing it for several other people. And every time she's done it, she is RIGHT ON!

In my last post, Intuitive Tuesday on Thursday -- Eight of Wands Reversed, I introduced the concept of the Assurance Comfort Level (ACL), which is how much assurance people need before making a decision and moving forward. As I explained in the post, my ACL tends to be high (90-100%), in comparison to my hubby's who (through his Army training -- and his personality) tends to be lower (70% or so). To check out this post, click here.

After reading the post, Laura emailed some comments to me.  She used her face-reading knowledge to analyze my facial traits to show how they reinforce why my ACL tends to be high. I thought it was so interesting that I wanted to share it with you.

Laura suggested that I include a picture of me with this post so you can see some of the traits she is talking about...(say Cheese!!!)

Here is the email she sent to me:
"I like your ACL scale!  It'd be interesting to take a poll of your followers/readers to see what their self-assessment is.
And, of course, my immediate focus is on the physiology and what particular traits (characteristics) make up the percentage.      
For example, your high cheekbones tell us that you like variety and adventure, so going for the gusto is part of your personal formula.      
But....and this is a big but....your close set eyes drive you to perfectionism and achievement, and because the part of the brain involved is emotional, this carries more weight than your need for adventure.      
Your forehead tells us that you like things to evolve in a jumping to the end result for you!  You will want the assurance that comes from a step-by-step process - a journey, so to speak.
 Your long narrow face indicates a cautious nature - one that is not willing to jump in without some assurances of positive results.
 So just taking these few elements into consideration, it is easy to see why your ACL is a high percentage.
 And that you also had better have an outlet for those cheekbones! 
That when you tap into your Intuition and spiritual nature, you completely over-ride your physiology (traits), your programmed responses, and any other conditioning from the 3rd dimension.
No wonder you love being an Intuitive Teacher and Consultant!
Your ACL scale is brilliant!"
A couple of years ago, Laura did a couple of face-reading sessions for me, complete with measurements of things like how far apart my eyes are, how far my ears sit back on my head, the height of my forehead, etc. Her analysis was fascinating and right on!

Laura has an extensive background in face-reading and has helped employers use face-reading when hiring people. She has assisted lawyers in selecting jurors, has taught classes on how to use face-reading, and I know that she uses it with every person she meets.

If you are interested in having Laura face-read a photograph of you, via email, she said she could do it for $15 via PayPal.

AND...if you are willing to share your photograph, Laura's comments and possibly your response to your face-reading analysis, it might be fun to share it with readers on the Wild Women blog. Let me know. 

Please email me if you are interested and I'll get you in contact with Laura.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

You look beautiful, first off.

I'd like to talk with you about having a face reading. Let's try to squeeze in a talk this weekend.

I wonder if my results would be the same as yours!