Thursday, May 13, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday on Thursday -- The Sun (Reversed)

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a card and give you my interpretation of it. On Thursday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

This week's Intuitive Tuesday card was The High Priestess, which symbolizes our intuitive, inner voice of inspiration and guidance. 

Today’s follow-up card is The Sun Reversed, which is a card of delayed success, opportunity and fulfillment. This card was pulled for Furrow whose comment was:
The funny thing is, I do believe that my intuition is pretty strong, and I'll follow it when I don't have to involve others, but I do hesitate to try to sway the plans of others with my intuition. I'm just not confident enough, usually. Speaking of others, what do you do when your intuition is telling you the exact opposite of what someone else's intuition is telling him/her? And what if circumstances require that you work together? 
Furrow, you get a BONUS because you get intuitive feedback from my Intuition Through Tarot group, otherwise known as the "Tarot Tarts"  -- four very intuitive women (plus me).

We have been meeting each month for over two years. It started as a class on how to use tarot cards and has now turned into a group coaching circle which uses tarot cards as a tool to tap into each person's High Priestess (intuitive voice).  We meet every month to connect with each other, do readings and learn about different aspects of tarot. (If you would like more information on the Intuition Through Tarot classes, click here or contact me.)

This week I had the Tarot Tarts help me with today's Intuitive Tuesday on Thursday. After reading through all of the comments, the group felt drawn to yours and pulled an additional card for you!

The card we pulled was The Sun (reversed). Because The Sun is such a positive card of success, fulfillment and opportunity, even in its reversed position, it is still very positive...even if a bit delayed or blocked.

The Tarot Tarts focused on your question about what to do when you feel you need to work with someone but their intuition is telling them the exact opposite of yours. Lydia (Tarot Tart) named it "Intuition Opposition."

The comments from the group centered around you possibly facing some situations where you feel your life force is blocked and/or you may be doubting yourself and may be hesitating stepping into your own power.

Perhaps tuning into and trusting your inner voice may not be something you have done your entire life and so it takes some getting used to -- for both you and the people around you.

Possibly before you would ask for and base your decision on others' opinions. But as your intuition grew stronger, you would ask others, not in an effort to hear their thoughts, but more to "feel" what resonated with you. I call this "Intuitive Sonar" -- which is where you describe a situation to someone else as though using a pinging sound to see what comes back to you that rings true.

"Intuition Opposition" stimulated a great discussion and the Tarot Tarts had some interesting feedback based on The Sun (reversed). First, what you may see as black and white (the other person's opinion vs your own), may need to be brought into the light of the sun to see all of the various shades that exist. That is, your seemingly opposite intuitive hits may not be "right" or "wrong," but simply different.

This brings up the idea to look at your "answer" from multiple sides, shifting your perspective and possibly being creative with solutions.

Maybe it's time to step back to see if you are asking the right questions. When asking the question, either broaden the view or narrow it and see what answers come up then.

For example, what if I got an intuitive hit to take a trip with my friend, Suzi, and go to Ireland. She also gets an intuitive hit to take the trip with me, but thinks England is the destination of choice.  Our intuition may be "right" about taking a trip together (intuitively the same), but the destination isn't as important (intuitively different). By stepping back, maybe the intuitive hit is about taking the matter what the destination may be. Make sense?

We pulled a second card, Justice (reversed), which can symbolize trying to gain peace at any price. In your quest to find common intuitive ground, are you trying (possibly too hard) to find a balance where it may not be necessary?

Maybe you need to stir the pot because your intuitive voice is screaming at you. As you grow even more familiar and confident with your intuition, things will become even clearer and you'll know when to compromise and when to stand your ground.

As you read through these comments, I get the feeling that you will know what your next step is, not only in relation to your situation now, but also how you will handle Intuition Opposition in the future.

Let me know how/if this helps and I'll make sure the Tarot Tarts get your feedback.


Kaleene said...

Wow, it was like the Tarot Tarts were pulling the cards for me. I am at a crossroads in my life and have been stuck, not knowing how to even start to think about what step to take next. I need to listen to my intuition and stop talking. Thanks Sheri.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I'm glad you picked up on Furrow's question because I think I've struggled with it, too. I like the idea of the direction vs the details, as well as being aware of when we are over-seeking balance.

Good thoughts, you Tarts.

Loralie said...

I liked that you pulled the sun reversed and the justice card in addition to it, as it compliments my situation perfectly. I'm feeling pretty intuitive these days, but I have been out of sync with the other person's intuition lately. Although it's "OK" to have differences, it's good to remember that you still agreed to take the "trip" together as you mentioned. The justice card reversed indicates to me that I can compromise on some things and still be right on others all at the same time. This will definitely help me to stand my ground on some very critical issues. Thank you Tarot Tarts!

Furrow said...

Wow! This is such wonderful feedback. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to make it back here. Life is pulling me down a million different paths right now, and I find that I don't have time to re-travel paths (even pleasant ones) very often. I'm going to sit and think on the Tarot Tarts wisdom for a while, because it is hitting very close to home. Thank you again, and sorry again for being so late in coming back. Please thank the Tarts for me, too ;)