Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday -- Ten of Rods (reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life and ask, "What messages are here for me ?"

As I shuffled the cards to select this week's Intuitive Tuesday tarot card, I said, "Tell me what messages I need to bring to my readers this week." I selected the Ten of Rods or Wands (Reversed) from the Aquarian Tarot Deck by David Palladini.

In its upright position, the Ten of Rods/Wands symbolizes the weight of the burdens you carry. From Palladini's book that accompanies this deck, he says, "a person under tremendous pressure; oppressive situations; feelings of dissatisfaction, guilt and remorse."

I selected the Ten of Rods/Wands (reversed) earlier this year from a separate deck, but the meanings are similar. Click here to read the complete post. Here is an excerpt from that post to help describe the Ten of Wands (reversed):
Today the Ten of Wands is reversed, which means that if you have been feeling stressed or pressured with your responsibilities or deadlines, you will find some relief...as though your load is getting lighter for some reason. Either you have delegated or deleted some of the things that were on your plate, OR your perspective has changed, possibly by changing your thoughts and beliefs about the situation and the role you play.

The reversed Ten of Wands may also indicate that you have been preparing for some changes in your life, possibly subconsciously, and are getting ready to more fully commit to your new direction.

This card indicates that you are getting rid of the things that have been weighing you down and are starting to feel some relief...as though you've been holding your breath and have just opened your mouth to allow the cool air to rush into your oxygen-starved lungs.
Since I have already selected the Ten of Rods/Wands (Reversed), I pulled another card today (intuitive BONUS) from the Messages of Life deck by Mario Duguay.

Today's card holds some clues as to how you have or will find this freeing energy. The card I selected is called, "Self Love."

Duguay's cards are so beautiful and have deep, meaningful messages accompanying the artwork.You can click here to check it out or go to your local (metaphysical) bookstore.

Today's card, "Self Love," says:

 I love myself and accept who I am, as I am.
It is not my ego that I love;
rather, it is what is divine in me, the purity of my Being. 

I take the time to care for myself and to enjoy life.
In doing so, I stop searching for the external things
that create only an illusion of filling my emptiness.

These two cards together (Ten of Wands/Rods reversed and Self Love) say something important to me today.

Sometimes the reason I feel burdened is because I have added too many activities into my life, so much so that things feel busy and crowded.  At first it appears as though I have no control over my level of busyness...as though it's someone else's fault that I'm this busy.

But when I look at it, I control what goes into my schedule and the priority I place on each activity.

Have I added things into my schedule forgetting this? Have I tried to fill an emptiness in me with activities and stuff -- possibly in an effort to distract me and/or help me to feel better or more complete?

The Ten of Rods/Wands (reversed) describes for me the feeling I get when I realize that I have created this level of busyness and stress...and know that I have the ability to release what no longer serves me.

Just as the Duguay card says, "I stop searching for the external things that create only an illusion of filling my emptiness."

The Ten of Rods/Wands (reversed) is a reminder to me (and possibly for you) to imagine the feeling of releasing the unnecessary burdens I'm carrying, re-prioritize my activities and let go of what no longer serves me.

Sometimes I know immediately what needs to go, and other times it's not as clear. When it feels murky, I go to a gut level and "feel" what rings true and what doesn't, using my heart more than my head -- feeling over logic.

If I know what needs to go, but am not clear how to do it, I ask the universe for help. Then I wait and allow the magic of the universe to help release what no longer serves me.

This is when I've witnessed miracles in my life. My priorities become more distinct, appointments clear from my calendar (either by my doing or someone else's), and I release activities that are keeping me busy, but not fulfilled.

I'm always amazed at what is possible and what opens up for me when I simply ask for help.


Mad Hatter said...

Wow. Both these cards speak to me today, Sheri...the Ten of Rods (reversed) perfectly describes the state I've been in the past few days. I've been feeling relief internally and physically(thanks to my energy healer), emotionally and financially (after over a year of pushing and struggling to try to conceive, I have decided to take a 3-month break), and professionally (due to a combination of lightening my workload by getting things done and shifting my attitude so that my expectations of myself are no longer as high). I am still seeking more balance in my life, but I feel like I can achieve this now that I have unburdened myself.
Thank you for this post, and for your continued support.

Cindy B said...

As I posted last week, I have been working on getting a large, all-natural skin care company as a client. The energy surrounding the deal had been nothing but positive until last Monday. The last week was uncomfortable, to say the least, in all communication. Yesterday afternoon I just gave up worrying about it. Received email last night requesting meeting to finalize the deal. I can breathe again!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

"I stop searching for the external things that create only an illusion of filling my emptiness."

Wow. Just wow. Perfect for me today.

Anonymous said...

Chicka :)
This card hit home with me.. I like it reversed vs. upright because I know with this card I've released something totally cramping my style.
A 10 is completion, before the KNIGHT (manifestation of 1-10)can come out and play. The 10 of Wands R is a card of release and Faith* When you've carried enough(hence the picture on card)and now you are to lay down your burden, unblock yourself, and allow the Universe to flow through you. Man, what a relief, and less responsibilty ;) I just hope the Knight following the 10 is Hot with Cash and likes to travel!
Tchüss from Germany