Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christianity and Intuition -- How Does It Fit Together?

 I recently received an email from a reader in response to a post I put up in 2008 called, "Can You Be A Christian And Read Tarot Cards?".  Many people must have this same question, because this is one of the most accessed posts on my blog.

Here's Elizabeth's email:
dear sheri,

i read your 2008 blog entry abut reading tarot and being a christian, and am wondering i'd you have developed any more ideas or insight into doing both.

i'm a "Highly Sensitive Person", empathic (i think) and exhibit most of the traits of a gifted adult.  i have strong intellectual inclinations and impulse to heal and i'm seriously considering trying to develop my intuitive power. (i recently read sherrie dillard's "discover your psychic type," and it turns out i score highest as emotional and second highest as mental.)

my father was a lutheran minister (ELCA) and i grew up "in the church". it wasn't a restrictive gospel or environment, but i sort of rededicated myself to the faith as an adult and i really only want to develop any intuitive ability i might have looking to god/christ as the source, etc.

if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, i'd greatly appreciate it.


In writing back to her, I uncovered some new thoughts about combining my intuitive abilities and my belief in God and Christ. After I hit "Send," I thought it might be a good discussion for readers of the Wild Women blog.

Here is my response:
Thank you for emailing me about the post on being a Christian and reading tarot cards. When I look at my stats for my blog, it's amazing how many times people land on this particular post...which leads me to believe that many people have this same question. :)

I remember when I first started reading cards, how I felt that it was somehow shameful or that I shouldn't be doing it. Since then, however, I have come to believe that my intuition, my tarot cards, my time in meditation and my automatic writing are all ways that I connect to God.

You mentioned your impulse to heal. I also feel that I am a healer on many levels (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) and am developing these skills every day through my activities. In addition to reading tarot cards, I am a life coach, a yoga instructor, a writer, and my most important jobs of raising three teen boys and being a good partner to my husband.

I looked up the book you mentioned and have it on hold at our library. It should come in in the next week or so. Thank you for that referral. I have read several books on intuition, but I'm always looking for more.

About your comment about developing your intuitive abilities while looking to God/Christ as the source...I think this is fantastic. In fact, I believe with that intention, you will be able to tap in and develop your abilities even quicker and more deeply. I believe God/Christ looks for the best, clearest way to help reach people.

My sense is that you are being Divinely asked/guided to bring this intuitive connection with God/Christ to people who are hungry and longing to hear His messages.

Each day after my meditation and/or journal writing, I ask Divine/God, "How can I be of service today?" And then I listen and have an open heart to find out what presents itself. Sometimes it's picking up a sick kid from school, sometimes it's reading cards for a client or leading a yoga class, and perhaps today, it's answering this email :) . It varies, but I feel my service to others is guided by my intuition and faith in God.

If I had to come up with an analogy, I feel I am a Divine instrument, doing God's work in the best way I know how by listening and having faith.

Wow! This has become a very philosophical email...but it seems to be coming from my heart and perhaps is the message you need to hear (and/or one I need to process and deliver).

I wish you well on your quest. Please let me know if you have any additional thoughts and stay in touch as you move forward on your journey.

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Thanks again for reading the blog and for emailing to me.

I'm curious, Wild Women of the Universe readers...what are your thoughts?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I really like the idea of orienting each day on this question:

"How can I be of service today?"

I'm glad Elizabeth asked this question and you answered it!

Loralie said...

Thanks for posting this Sheri. I think this is a question that a lot of people have in their minds, but are afraid to ask.
In my opinion, we shouldn't be afraid or ashamed to share the gifts that we have, especially when they are being used to help others to make positive changes in their lives. I am so thankful for the ways you have helped me! :)