Monday, June 22, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Riding On A Train

This week's Perfect Moment Monday happened while I was on a Union Pacific train heading through a beautiful canyon in Western Colorado with my three teen-age sons. This was a free 2-hour train ride through the canyon that included a short presentation on train safety.

A couple of summers ago, we rode the train to Glenwood Springs to spend time at the historic Hotel Colorado and soak in the Hot Springs pool. It was such a great mini-vacation.

This Perfect Moment was made even better because I got to spend four hours with the boys, relaxing on the train, seeing the beautiful landscape go by and then having lunch in the train station when we returned.

This was a series of perfect moments!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

That sounds wonderful. I would love to do that sometime.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with your boys. I never hear you say anything negative about them being teenagers.. very inspiring. Hope I can be the same!

chicklet said...

I think that's super cool that they'd spend time with you. I fear the years when they won't want to even be in the same room for 5min, let alone a train for hours!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I love the train, sounds delightful