Saturday, February 20, 2010

Divine Relationships

I read the following quotes in my daily reading book, Meditations from the Mat, by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. I've been pondering them ever since.
"All of our relationships are a reflection of our relationship to God, and our relationship to God is a reflection of all of our relationships...

Just as many (yoga) postures are performed by the one body, our many relationships are performed by the one heart...

Look deeply into that which you love, and you will see the face of God." (page 136)
This book has been my daily companion as I've dived into my yoga practice over the past six months. I love doing the poses and this book has helped me to understand the depth and philosophy behind yoga.

As you ponder these quotes, may you look at your relationships in a whole new better understand yourself and your relationship to the Divine.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

That is an amazing image. So playful and meaningful!

I love what you've said here. Really, everything else we try to work out is based on our relationship with ourselves, which is the same as our relationship with the Divine.

I've had more than one occasion this week to remind others -- and myself -- that the one thing, the ONLY thing we need to do is to fully, wholly love ourselves. Everything else flows from that.

Thanks for the affirmation.

Bonnie said...

That gives me something to really ponder today.

Everytime you mention yoga I get a little pang of "I would love to try it". I've done it a little in the past but not much. Do you have a suggestion of a good way to begin?

Quiet Dreams said...

This is a beautiful image. And I love, also, what LL said (she might have been reminding me of that, actually).