Friday, August 21, 2009


The other day I was in yoga class doing a very deep hip opener (pigeon lunge). If you have done this pose, you know how good it is for stretching the muscles around tight hip joints. It's one of those feelings like a good, deep massage -- where it hurts, but it feels SO good!

As I breathed in and out, allowing the breath to move into the tight muscles, the yoga instructor read these words on flexibility, which really hit home for me.

She said she got her quote from DailyOM. I checked out their Web site and was very impressed. See how this relates to you and your life:
The ability to accept what is happening and let go of your original expectations is key when dealing with these unexpected turns of fate. We have a tendency to get stuck in our heads, clinging to an idea of how we think life should go, and we can have a hard time accepting anything that doesn’t comply with that idea.

The fact is that life is unpredictable. The trip you thought was for business — and when the deal fell through, you got depressed — actually landed you at the airport two days earlier than planned so you could meet the love of your life. Your car breaks down, and you are late for an appointment. While it’s true that you never arrive at that important meeting, you end up spending a few relaxing hours with people you would never have met otherwise.
May we all remember flexibility when we are trying SO hard to make something happen and perhaps simply allow the divine order of the universe to be our guide and a comforting force as we move forward.



Lori Lavender Luz said...

I was just commenting elsewhere that in hindsight, the single most devastating experience of my life (infertility) has also turned out to be the most enriching.

I love pigeon pose!

Jamie said...

That ability ~is~ key.

I think sometimes fate knows what I need better than I do!