Monday, September 7, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Awesome Blossoms

The boys' great grandfather, "Boppa," loved to garden and had lots of indoor plants. Before he passed away, he gave us a clipping off of his Jolla (prounounced: Hoy-ya) plant.

If you've ever seen a Jolla, you know that it is a rich, green plant that has thick leaves and beautiful blossoms. Not only do they look beautiful, they smell beautiful. In fact, many times if I have forgotten that this plant is in bloom, I come into the house and am immediately reminded by a wonderfully, sweet smell wafting through the air.

About three years ago, I moved our Jolla to the other side of the house so it now receives morning sun instead of late afternoon sun. It LOVES its new location and blooms all of the time...not just one blossom, but several at a time.

Here is a photo of the Jolla with several blooms. If you think it looks pretty, you should have smelled it! Maybe soon they'll have blog widgets to add smell as well as sight and sound.

On second thought, knowing that I have three boys in my house, a Smelly Widget could get very abused on the Internet...a good idea gone sour (literally!).

I love the Jolla plant! Several Perfect Moments!


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I love your Jolla, too! Thanks for my clipping. I just might move it to the morning side of the house.

Can't wait to sniff that smell again!

Jamie said...

How beautiful! I have never heard of or seen a Jolla plant before. Now I want to smell one!!