Friday, September 11, 2009

Strength and Healing on 9/11

Today let us honor and remember the people whose lives were impacted by the tragic events in 2001...which I believe to be ALL of us, some more directly than others...but all of us nonetheless.

I remember that day vividly -- not only what happened, but how I felt. I remember the exact place I was standing and what I was doing when I heard how the twin towers were under attack. How could anyone purposely do this to another fellow human being? And yet, they did...and we are forever changed by it.

With the Strength card, I offer a pray and affirmation for all of us as we continue to heal and remember:
Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, Beloved God --

Be with us as we continue to heal from the past, make peace with the now and look forward to the future.

For everyone whose lives were directly impacted, may you find Strength to move forward each day and release hatred and sadness. May you move through the emotions of what happened and how your life has been impacted to find forgiveness in your heart.

Even if you are not ready for this to happen now, pray that this peace and God's love shower you with understanding when you are ready.

For all of us...let us move forward with this new knowledge of what can happen and take from it the wisdom to create more loving, peaceful ways to communicate, love and forgive each other. Amen.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Beautiful, Sheri. Just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Very touching to heart and well said.