Monday, September 21, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Purposeful Glow

Last night I invited two friends over to visit and read cards. One of my sons happened to be home; the others were at a party with friends.

I love being in the company of highly intuitive people because it seems to heighten my own intuitive abilities. Each of us vibrates at a higher energy level simply because we are together.

Both of my friends, Cheryl and Kim, are very intuitive. Cheryl does Spiritual Coaching, creates wonderful meditations and channels. Kim is very intuitive and is studying to be a channel herself. Both of them have taken my Intuition Through Tarot course so they are familiar with tarot cards.

Last night I was in awe of what I witnessed between Cheryl and my oldest son, James. I have always felt James is highly intuitive and he's surprised me more than once by saying something completely random...and being right on. Each time this happens, it further confirms his intuitive abilities.

As we sat around the table outside nibbling on snacks, James sat with us and joined our conversation. At one point, I asked Cheryl when she realized she was a psychic. She explained having a reading when she was about fifteen (nearly James' age) by a woman who channeled.

Cheryl explained that even though she was a bit freaked out by hearing this woman channel, it brought some comfort because it explained some of the things Cheryl had experienced.

James then asked Cheryl what channeling was. She began to explain it to him using metaphors and descriptions that he and anyone else could easily understand. Just as I've heard in her meditations, it sounded as though the words were perfectly formed before they came out of her mouth. If I would have closed my eyes, I think there might have been relaxing background music as I heard her voice sweetly singing the words to him.

As she melodically talked to him and answered his questions, I could see his curiosity melding into trust as she explained some complicated concepts to him. At one point she pulled out two decks of Angel cards by Doreen Virtue and asked if James would pull three cards for her and if she could pull three for him. The deck James chose was called, Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (pictured above).

He shuffled the cards and carefully pulled out three and gave her a "reading," and she did the same. As I saw her explaining the cards, I looked at the two of them and saw a faint glow of light and love around them. It was breathtaking!

When she left, she told James he could borrow the Angel deck and suggested he play with them by pulling one a day. He agreed.

It was so beautiful to see Cheryl's spirit glowing with purpose and James' energy so open to learning about her gifts, and his own.

This morning I asked James to pull a card for me and he pulled the card you see above:
Be Yourself: This situation calls for you to be your authentic self, which is the basis for your personal power.
As he and I talked about it, I felt the card was meant for both of us, urging us to be ourselves and share our gifts with the world.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I've got goosebumps.

Like you, I've always thought James has talent in this area.I imagine it could be scary until you meet someone like Cheryl to help you see it for the light it is.

What a perfect moment, indeed.

Cheryl McCallister said...

I have to say this was a perfect moment indeed! I felt so blessed to be a part of this opening experience for James.

Sunday morning I took my mom out to breakfast to celebrate her birthday. As I shared with her my experience with James and the beautiful guidanced that flowed through for him, my mom began to cry and feel spirit move through her.

My mom is very intuitive and open to spiritual guidance herself. When she knows something is channeled from spirit, either through her or another, she feels such an immense amount of love and joy, that she crys.

At breakfast my mom, felt the unconditional love and joy within James and the light between him and I, we all expereinced the other night. I knew at that moment, something truly special had happened out on your patio, eating snacks.

I would have to say James is a perfect moment, every moment!!!! And, I am so blessed to have experienced a little slice of this perfection. Thank you!

excavator said...

I felt shivers, too. I'd have to say that reading that was a perfect moment. It makes me wonder about my Scott.

Reading Luz's and Cheryl's posts intensified the feeling and brought tears.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

That is wonderful!

How lucky you are to be open and have the chance to experience such a powerful moment for James, Cheryl and yourself.

You are very lucky...

Furrow said...

That sounds amazing. You are so lucky to have such magic in your life. But then again, often it's just a matter of looking for it, isn't it?

Jamie said...

Wow - what an amazing experience!