Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday -- The Emperor

Every Tuesday I select one card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Thursday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Thursday to see what cards come up.

Today’s card comes from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. It is The Emperor, the fourth Major Arcana card in the deck. The Emperor is one of the strongest, most powerful male energies in the deck.

This card can indicate a strong male in your life, your own male qualities (even if you are a woman, this would indicate the qualities we more often associate with men), or an energy of power and control (but not necessarily over-powering or over-controlling).

This is an energy of self assertion, knowing what you want and not being afraid to assert yourself. The Emperor's energy gives structure and order to things, bringing a feeling of everything being under control.

This card represents stability and a strong foundation, law and order, rational thought, ambition, structure, strength and leadership. As Marchetti describes it in the book that accompanies this deck, the gifts of the Emperor are, "confidence, command, presence, authority."

In my life, I have Emperor qualities as well as Empress qualities. By pulling this card today, perhaps it's a sign to lean more heavily on creating structure and order in my life, using my power and authority to provide strength to my family system, my clients, my writing and my world in general.

Although the qualities of the Empress (mothering, nurturing, compassionate, etc.) are also valued, sometimes conviction and strength are exactly what is needed. I try to combine both the qualities of the Emperor and the Empress to give loving boundaries and rules to my kids.

Pulling the Emperor might also be a reflection of my DH returning from a two-week business trip. This card would welcome his familiar male, fatherly energy back into the household to provide leadership to all of the testosterone beings in the house (our three teenage sons). 

Where in your life should you call upon your Emperor qualities? Perhaps this card is a reminder that it's OK to lean on your Emperor strengths or on the energy of a strong male in your life.

Know that this card reminds you that you are strong enough and have the resources to handle whatever comes your way. Use the Emperor's energy wisely and to the fullest...and watch what happens!


Kaleene said...

Jeff, my husband, is my Emperor today. Jeff starts a new job today as a full-time culinary instructor for an all boys’ school in Golden. We have been waiting for this job for a long time and now that it is here he is stronger, more confident, and will be able to provide the financial stability that we have been praying for, for years.
When I first read the posting I thought of last weeks card and thought about it carrying over to this week about my boss. I took a chance and talked to my boss, male, about a progression plan to move up in the company over the next few years, I hope to have a very long career with them. He has been a very strong power in my life over the past year and a half and even more so over the past two or so weeks as I now know he is fully supportive of my plans to grow professionally.
All of the "Emperors" in my life are aligning at the same time; Even the Emperor within me. - Kaleene

Quiet Dreams said...

I thought of a couple of different areas in my life when I read this post.

In my work life, I have been dealing with some conflicts/drama between my supervisor and the team she supervises. I am needing right now to be assertive, strong, and rational, when part of me just wants to be emotional and NOT assert myself.

In my personal/friendship life, I have been starting to reach out and "make the first move" with a couple of people, also not a role I'm necessarily comfortable with, but one that is already showing some good results (I had a fantastic coffee "date" with a woman I recently met yesterday).

Both of these situations take confidence that I don't necessarily feel right now, but I'm trying to "fake it till I make it." :)

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I think this is about me and my own energy. This really speaks to me:

"you are strong enough and have the resources to handle whatever comes your way."


Bonnie said...

I think this speaks to me in two ways. My husband as the Emperor; He are in a little crises right now between business being very slow and a problem with our house and having to move out at least temporarily. I sway back and forth in that I try to assert my thoughts and opinions and then also letting him lead and not get in the way of his energy. Sometimes it's hard to find just the right balance. It's scary to let go of the reigns a little and let him lead but I also trust his instincts. I think for me this means finding a balance between the two.

Phoebe said...

Sometimes, I don't feel strong enough to handle what is coming my way. Especially on days like today when the bad news feels like I have to let go of my dreams.

Ailey said...

Well this card certainly fits in well with last week's cards. I intend to take it as a vote of the God/The Universe's confidence in me and my ability to not only cope with my circumstances but thrive as I live through them.

Good card.

Thanks Sherri!