Thursday, April 15, 2010

Intuitive Tuesday on Thursday -- King of Cups

On Intuitive Tuesdays I select a card and give you my interpretation of it. On Thursday I select one reader's comment and pull an additional card.

I encourage you to read about the additional card I pulled this week and see how it applies to your life. Anything that is brought to one of us is a message for all of us.

This week's Intuitive Tuesday card was the Five of Cups, a card of feeling distressed, regretful, disappointed, depressed...and sad. 

Today’s card  is for Loralie and it comes from the Gilded Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore. Loralie's comment was:
This card doesn't come as a surprise at all for me, as I am going through a lot of those feelings with a situation with my teenage daughter. As she continues to grow, she continues to make mistakes.
My sweet fiance' reminded me recently that she will continue to make mistakes in order to achieve that growth and I know that he is right. It is so frustrating to see your child flounder around trying to figure out who they are and where they are going. I can't help but get caught up in the emotion of it all.
I have a book titled, "Yes, Your Teen is Crazy", which gives an excellent view on how to remember that they are actually "brain-damaged" individuals for a few years and if we remember that, then we can be the rational person that they need in order to get through it all.
The Five of Cups definitely helps me to remember that this is temporary and all part of a larger cycle. I'm so glad to have this insight! Thank you :-)
Loralie -- and for all of us -- if the King of Cups indicates a person in your life, it will most likely be a loving, fatherly-type figure, an emotionally stable man, a man who is easy to talk to and/or someone who is likely to promote the atmosphere of harmony and understanding.

When I pull the King of Cups, it is most often my DH. He is the strong, loving, fatherly figure in our family who is nurturing, playful, loving...yet firm when necessary.

In the situation you described above with your daughter, your King of Cups is most likely your fiance, who not only supports you, but provides love and support to your teenage daughter. Having pulled this card in response to your comment tells me a couple of things.

First, your fiance's energy provides tremendous support for you as a person, but more specifically for you as a mother. As you learn to better understand how his energy combines with yours and realize the effect it has on you, you will be amazed at how powerful your partnership becomes -- especially in your role as parents.

Your partnership has a synergistic effect. That is, it is not simply your energy + his energy = the sum of your two energies. Instead the energy will be magnified and the partnership will reflect an entirely new, more powerful energy.

The King of Cups tends to have experience, wisdom, compassion and kindness and will also be a great listener. Welcome this energy into your life and learn how to blend your energy with his so each of you feels more powerful than if you stood alone.

The King of Cups also is a predictor of marriage -- perfect for an engaged couple -- a blessing on your partnership and the sacred contract that you will fulfill in your life together.

Let us each be grateful for the King of Cups energies in our lives today. Whether it be your husband, a supportive brother, a father or fatherly figure, or perhaps a boss who exhibits Cups qualities (nurturing, compassionate, loving, etc.), this card was drawn to remind you of the King of Cups energy supporting you.
 And that kind of support will help each of us through the times and moods of the Five of Cups.

If you know who YOUR King of Cups is, perhaps pulling this card today is a hint to recognize him in some way and let him know that you are grateful for his energy in your life.

I am grateful for the King of Cups energies in my life -- which include both my DH and my father. In fact, I will make it a point to let them know that I am grateful for having each of them in my life. My dad is visiting this weekend, so I have the perfect opportunity to let him know how thankful I am for his energy and support.

Who is your King of Cups and is there anything you'd like to say to him?



Loralie said...

What a beautiful interpretation of the King of Cups! I am so grateful for my King of Cups and will remember how powerful our energy and purposes are when we combine them together. I am truly blessed! Thank you tons Sheri!

Kim said...

Nice reminder to lean into the Kings of Cups in my life. They are here for me. Thanks!

Quiet Dreams said...

Loved reading this. I read it before the weekend, and I just re-read it. Over the weekend I think I used this King of Cups energy with my niece, who is so upset about her mom being sick (bipolar). I've been through it many times, and this time around isn't nearly as bad as some of the other times, so it was fairly easy for me to stay calm and be present for my niece.

Thanks so much for your "Intuitive" posts!